A Canadian Couple Searches for a Vacation Home in the Dominican Republic

Episode HHINT-1406H

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Bill and Betts are so determined not to hibernate through another cold Canadian winter that they're looking for a vacation home in the Dominican Republic. There's just one catch, they've never been to Dominican Republic before. The couple decided to search for a home on the tropical Caribbean island after hearing about it from their real estate agent. So Bill, Betts and their son Cisco are heading to three very different vacation homes near the beautiful beaches of the Dominican Republic. Since each home has a number of pros and cons, making a decision as to which one will be their new vacation retreat will be a tough choice.


    • Colleen Valerio, Agent, Dominican Republic Properties
      Address: 12983-160 A Avenue
      Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6V 1R3
      Phone: 780-474-7900
      E-mail: colleen@drproperties.ca