A Bachelor Buys In Berlin

Episode HHINT-2805

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Mark Maybank is a free-spirited, new age British bachelor who has spent most of his life travelling all over the world from Europe to Asia to North America and Australia. After getting a late start on his advanced education, he got a degree in therapeutic bodywork and is now a licensed massage therapast. This gives him the freedom to work wherever his heart desires. After reading newspaper articles about how cheap property is in Berlin, Mark has decided to invest in his first home ever. This makes his Mom particularly happy because although she resides in England now, she was born and raised in Germany. Mark looks forward to discovering his German roots but is somewhat apprehensive about taking on the responsibility of home ownership and a mortgage. Will he find the perfect bachelor pad to ease his worries? Or will he regret settling down after all his years of roaming the globe? Find out when House Hunters International takes the bachelor party to Berlin, Germany.