Bungalow Basement and Fireplace

Episode HDT-1207

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Debbie and Jean-Paul Bonjour thought they found their dream home when they saw this century-old bungalow. With a growing family and a booming housing market, they had to make an offer on the house without any contingencies. Almost immediately problems began surfacing and they were starting to see the consequences of their hasty decision. Home inspector Steve Ramos finds dry rot in the front stairs, a damp basement and a dangerous fireplace. Recommendations include repairing the stairs, adding a sump pump and drainage pipe, and extending the fireplace hearth.


Steve Ramos
Certified Home Inspector, Envirovue Home Inspection
Website: www.envirovue.com

Dave and Jeff Vincent
General Contractors, Trinidad Builders
Website: www.trinidadbuilders.com

Anthony and Geno Caccia
James Caccia Plumbing
Website: www.cacciaplumbing.com