Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself ? Transforming an Outdated Kitchen and Living Room Into a Modern Living Space

Episode HHTRV-102H

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One of the properties Billy owns has a leaky sink problem. After meeting with the tenants, Janice and her son Shakeem, and assessing the interior of the house, Billy thinks they deserve better living conditions. Despite the fact that the property is already bringing income, Billy decides to renovate the entire kitchen and living room. Billy's design plan for the kitchen includes bead board paneling on the walls, fresh paint job, new cabinets, island and appliances. In the living room, Billy focuses on modernizing the space with new furniture and accessories. During the renovation, Billy discovers the house has an infestation of cockroaches and his tenants need to be moved to a hotel. His contractors Leroy, John Dudley and interior designer Lynn, are invaluable in the process of getting the renovation done in a timely fashion. Upon the reveal, Janice and Shakeem are ecstatic to see the amazing transformation of the kitchen and living room. Billy is touched and realizes that renovating this house is worth every penny he spent.