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Get a Look at Tomorrow, Today

Get a Look at Tomorrow, Today

In HGTV's Home of Tomorrow, Chi-Lan Lieu gets a tour of the Envisioning Center, Microsoft's immersive tech lab in Redmond, Wash. For a glimpse of how we may live, work and be entertained in the home of the not-so-distant future, check out this photo gallery.

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The Home of Tomorrow is connected, it's interactive, it's customizable, it brings us closer together no matter how far apart we may be and it's keeping us up to date with everything important in our lives. Chi-Lan Lieu visits Microsoft's Envisioning Center where she discovers amazing high-tech gadgets for the home of the future, and also introduces us to some cutting-edge gadgets that you can get for your home today. From a kitchen that talks to you to a TV projection that allows you to play with Grandma from miles away, the Home of Tomorrow will change how we work, play and live.