A Family Basement get A Novogratz Makeover

Episode HHBN-110H

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  • March 10, 2014

    6:30 AM e/p

Cortney and Robert take their city, chic home design chops to the Everett family home in suburban New Jersey to renovate a basement divided into a playroom for the kids: Hannah, Charlie and Paige and a home theater/entertainment for parents, Elyse and Scott. The Novogratz do a mind-blowing redesign of the stairway that includes a rainbow-inspired stenciled design and a built-in sliding board staircase for the kids. They custom build a brand new bar for Scott and accentuate it with vintage furniture finds from one of their favorite antique stores. Then they complete an amazing playroom for the three Everett children that includes a unique collage of the children's own art archive by their friend Jan Eleni. Robert and Cortney also ask their artist/sculptor friend Ann Carrington to swing by their house to create an original magnet sculpture of the American to hang in the Everett's basement.