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Finding the Right Contractor

Holmes On Contractors

Mike offers sound advice on one of the most important decisions in planning a renovation: choosing a contractor.

Holmes On Contractors

Advice From Mike: Get It In Writing

Straight Talk: Home Improvement & Contracts

Mike talks about the importance of written contracts when it comes to home improvement, repairs and remodeling.

Straight Talk: Home Improvement & Contracts

  • DHMIR-110FH
    When a high school student suddenly passes away after a football game, his shop teacher and classmates decide to help his family by renovating their basement as part of a school project. But the job gets too big for them to handle on their

  • DHMIR-108FH
    Rocco and Stephanie thought they had bought the house of their dreams, they thought. City inspectors approved the renovations made to their home, and now they have to live with the damage unless the inspectors admit they didn't do their job

  • DHMIR-107FH
    A high school teacher is run down by a van after his home is vandalized. Tragically, his recovery means learning how to walk. The crew rally behind Mike and go the extra mile by building a fully accessible backyard oasis, complete with hot

  • DHMIR-106FH
    Louise and Steve had RetroFoam installed in the walls of their home, but later find out it's banned in Canada due to the Urea Formaldehyde it contains. The family now suspects that the insulation is the culprit behind their son's respirator

  • DHMIR-105FH
    Mike and his crew continue to take on the challenge of rebuilding a home that was only inches away from being a complete demo. With the house still needing insulation, drywall, four bathrooms, a kitchen, two fireplaces, plus all the electr

  • DHMIR-104FH
    After paying a contractor to build a second story addition on their home, homeowners Don and Peggy are left with nothing but a bad shell. The contractor ripped off their roof and took off to Europe, leaving the inside of their home exposed

  • DHMIR-103FH
    When Mike Holmes and his crew start pulling up floors and tearing down walls they uncover disaster after disaster, and nothing is leveling out. Sledgehammers to the kitchen floor compromised structure; cutting corners in the bathroom led to

  • DHMIR-114FH
    Homeowners Charmaine and Zephie bought a century home. It was love at first sight but the romance didn't last long. For the past three years they have been coping with leaks in the kitchen and bathroom, electrical problems, collapsed drainp

  • DHMIR-111FH
    Cheryl decides to handle a bathroom renovation on her own after searching for the right contractor proves harder than it looks. Her family and friends pitch in to help, but even the best intentions can't substitute real expertise. When the

  • DHMIR-101FH
    Mike Holmes and his crew get on top of a bad roof that has plagued a family for nearly half a century. Living on both sides of their semi-detatched home, this family has been coping with leaks for over 40 years - and Mike's got the evidence

  • DHMIR-113FH
    Homeowners Catherine and Cameron wanted to give their fifty-year-old home an update. They paid $100,000 out of pocket for what was supposed to be their dream renovation. But unfortunately, the contractor they hired didn't have the right ski

  • DHMIR-116FH
    Manuel and his wife were like two peas in a pod, but now it's just one, and the pod is in desperate need of some TLC. After his wife passed away, Manuel couldn't sleep in their bedroom, which was part of an old addition previous homeowners

  • DHMIR-115FH
    Natalie is overwhelmed by a second floor addition her mother Ingrid started, but couldn't finish. Ingrid poured her life savings into a small cottage in the hope of turning it into her modern dream home. But after spending hundreds of tho

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Mike Holmes is making it right for homeowners who were the ultimate victims of renovations gone wrong. He’s picking up where he left off with his hit series Holmes on Holmes and Holmes Inspection and taking on the biggest disasters yet. But this time, he’s not just helping unhappy homeowners, he’s making a difference in entire communities where they just don’t need a contractor, they need a miracle.

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