Embossed Velvet Red, White and Blue Stocking

Assemble your own stamps to make this star-embossed blue velvet cuff. Then attach to a lush red Christmas stocking decorated with slinky white fringe, ribbons and crystal star.

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Project by Patti Ryan.


1/4 yd. HotPotatoes.com cobalt or deep blue acetate/rayon velvet
1/2 yd. any red velvet
18" of 4" white chainette fringe
coordinated sewing threads
8" decorative red cord
1 yd. each red, white, blue narrow satin ribbons
Fire Mountain Gems acrylic or crystal star pendant or charm
Forster Woodsies wood medium and jumbo stars
2 wood scraps (approx. 1/2" x 5" x 5")
scrap of mat board size of stocking
hot glue gun and glue sticks
Walnut Hollow Creative Versa-Tool woodburning kit
spray bottle with water
Crafter's Pick fabric glue
household iron
pinking shears, scissors, or rotary cutter with mat
sewing machine
black fabric or permanent marker
handheld clothes steamer (optional)

Stocking (A) and cuff (B) patterns provided in the PDF Patterns file under the image, above.

Finished size: 11-1/2" x 27"


1. Enlarge patterns (A and B) on photo copier to full size and cut out. Position stocking pattern (A) on double layer of red velvet and pin in place. Use pinking shears, if desired, to cut pieces for the stocking front and back.

2. Position and pin cuff pattern (B) on single layer of dark blue velvet. Cut one cuff.

3. In addition, cut a 10" x 10" scrap of dark blue velvet (C).

4. Make two embossing stamps (see images, above): Hot glue three or four thin wood stars in random positions to wood scrap. To second wood scrap, hot glue one jumbo wooden star (place on diagonal, if necessary).

5. Embellish jumbo star following manufacturer's instructions: Use the Versa-Tool woodburning tool with pointed tip to burn several starbursts and outlines to embellish the surface of the jumbo star.

6. Emboss using jumbo star stamp: Set iron to wool or cotton setting (no steam). Place the jumbo star stamp on ironing board or work table face up. Position velvet scrap (C) over the stamp (right side facing the stamp). Lightly mist the back of the fabric with water. Press the hot iron to the fabric (use the part of the iron without the steam holes). Hold for 10-20 seconds; then lift iron without moving the fabric. Remove fabric from stamp.

7. With sharp scissors, cut out the large embossed jumbo star, trimming close to the embossed edge. Set aside.

8. To emboss velvet cuff: Place multi-star wood stamp on ironing board or work table face up, as above. Position one end of the velvet cuff over the stamp and emboss as before. Repeat to emboss entire cuff with stars, letting some of the stars run off the fabric edges.

9. To form stocking: Align stocking front and back (A) with right sides together. Stitch with a 1/2-inch seam, leaving top open.

10. Clip fabric along curves and turn stocking right side out. Use a point turner to gently press the foot and heel of the stocking into shape.

11. Fold cuff (B) in half, matching short ends and sew with a 1/2-inch seam. Finger press seam open.

12. Cut a 17-inch length of chainette fringe. On right side of velvet, pin the fringe binding flush around one edge of the cuff (with the fringe facing inward). Trim excess length. Zigzag stitch in place with a 1/4-inch seam.

13. Flip fringe and let hang from edge of cuff forming a rolled hem. From wrong side of cuff fabric, secure hem with Crafter's Pick fabric glue.

14. To attach cuff: Place fringed cuff inside stocking with the right side of cuff facing the inside (wrong side) of the stocking. Match the raw edge of the cuff (edge without fringe) with the top edge of the stocking. Align the cuff seam with the outside seam of the stocking. Sew with a 1/2-inch seam.

15. Flip cuff to the outside of the stocking, letting the fringe hang freely. Fold the cuff so about 1 inch of the cuff is inside the stocking.

16. To finish stocking: Form a hanging loop. Cut and fold 8 inches of decorative red cording. Hot glue at inside cuff seam.

17. With pinking shears, cut a 2-inch square from red velvet scrap. Using fabric glue, conceal raw ends of hanging loop with fabric square.

18. Optional: Use a fabric marker to add the name of the stocking maker and date to the patch.

19. Adjust the drape of the velvet cuff. Tack in place on the hanging loop side with dot of hot glue hidden between the underside of the cuff and the stocking.

20. To add ribbons and star charm: Cut 36-inch lengths of each ribbon. Holding the three ribbons together about 12 inches from one end, form an overhand knot. Hot glue the knotted ribbons to the cuff seam. Use fabric glue to secure the jumbo embossed star cutout over ribbons to conceal ribbon knot. Slip star on to long end of one ribbon, and knot to hold securely.

21. To steam set velvet stocking shape: Copy the stocking pattern (minus the 1/2-inch seam allowance all around) onto mat board. Cut out and split in two vertically. Prepare steamer. Insert board with toe section into stocking, aligning stocking seams. Apply steam to set shape of stocking. Let cool. Repeat with other board section to steam shape heel.

22. For fuller look, stuff toe and heel sections with tissue paper.

Tip: The best way to preserve your stocking is to stuff with tissue paper and then wrap the entire stocking in tissue paper and place in its own box. Don't let stocking get folded or crushed. Store in dry place.

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