The McKittricks Own Two Urban Condos But Want a Home in the Suburbs. Will They Have to Sell Both Condos to Afford the Home of Their Dreams?

Episode HHDPO-611H

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Michael and Heather McKittrick are already homeowners. In fact, they own two homes - the condos each bought before they were married. Neither home is large enough for the family they want to start soon, and they want the conveniences that suburban life offers, such as ample parking, a yard and peace and quiet. They have a budget of $550,000, but they are unsure whether they should sell the condo they currently rent out or continue renting it for extra income each month. Their dream home would include a home office for Heather, along with three bedrooms, at least two bathrooms, a large living room, a large open kitchen, a backyard, a garage, a front porch and a dining room. The Hidden Potential team help them find the right home within their budget, while hopefully hanging on to one rental property.