Everyone Loves a Hidden Door, Especially in an Elegant Space

Episode H2DSW-208H

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  • February 21, 2014

    7:00 AM e/p

Jenny and Kent Longardner have a classic case of design indecision. Their large, open living room is completely devoid of personality with only one lonely picture, hand-me-down furniture and an office recliner awkwardly making up the room. The problem is that they can't make up their minds about what to do, so they don't do a thing! Meg knows she can make this space the classy, comfortable living room they're looking for and starts by bringing in architectural detail like crown molding and a chair rail. A custom fit built-in provides storage, a blast of color and a fun passageway that you'll miss if you're not clued in. To top it off, a large photo collage and vintage tiki bar makes this space chock full of personality and a great space to entertain.