Carter Oosterhouse Transforms Boring Bonus Room Into Hip, '50s Style Home Theatre With Swanky Lounge

Episode HGTVD-110H

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After neglecting their beige and boring bonus room for years, Chris Zozaski and Amanda Bailey are ready for a change. As avid movie buffs and avowed Rat Packers, this hip, young couple's wish is to transform this unused space into an entertainment hub and home movie theater. Leave it to unflappable master craftsman Carter Oosterhouse to tackle the challenge! Carter's vision is to fuse the past with the present by combining the glamour of Old Hollywood with modern, high-tech amenities. This way, he can capture their cool, fun style, while giving them state of the art functionality. By the end, Carter surpasses Chris and Amanda's expectations by transforming their boring bonus room into not only an ultra hip lounge, but an ultra cool home movie theater. Bring on the popcorn!