A Bonus Room Makeover Turns Out a Sophisticated Multipurpose Lounge with Mexican Spice and Style!

Episode HGTVD-107H

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  • June 09, 2014

    6:30 AM e/p

With two young daughters who have quickly overtaken their house, Ricky and Michelle Cardenas long for a kid-free, toy-free retreat. Their dream is to transform an unused, upstairs bonus room into a Mexican cantina-inspired lounge, media room and office to remind them of their travels south of the border. Claro que si! Who better to tackle this challenge than Mexico's designer extraordinaire, Sandra Espinet? To create a stylish space with Mexican flair that is functional and sophisticated, Sandra replaces two old closets with custom cabinets that house a chic office area for Michelle and a swanky bar for Ricky, equipped with a high-tech keg machine! These cabinet doors showcase a Latin-infused, wrought iron-inspired design material that is used as an eye-catching accent throughout the room, including a stunning design on the cathedral ceiling. To give this space Sandra's signature flair, the ceiling is also finished with a Moroccan star design and an authentic wrought iron chandelier from Mexico. This makeover also features an LED fireplace with a state-of-the-art pop-up plasma television. By the end, Sandra fulfills all of the Cardenas' dreams and more - creating the ultimate adult lounge that is functional, comfortable and elegant.