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Room: Bedrooms


Designer: Tina Mellino

Designer's Notes

This contemporary bedroom was designed around a passion for the color purple and old Hollywood nostalgia. A wrapped accent wall was plastered with a deep eggplant color and smooth velvet-like finish. The flooring (cut pile carpet) is also a deep eggplant with touches of silver-grey. The bright white furniture and a luxurious upholstered headboard add high color contrast and bold graphic accents. Glamorous accessories, such as mirrored tabletops, a black velvet Lucite bench, black lampshades and a zebra area rug punctuate and anchor the bold color combinations. Photo by Dino Tonn Photography

Designer Tip: When working with powerful intense colors, mix shades of that color to soften and add contrast. You can never go wrong with a touch of black or white to punctuate a room.

About the Designer(s)

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