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Room: Outdoors


Designer: Patrick Baglino, Jr.

Designer's Notes

This outdoor terrace has a spectacular view of National Harbor, Alexandria, Virginia and Washington, DC. It is the winning design from HGTV's Showhouse Showdown. The theme of this design is about spending relaxing periods of time outside while enjoying the view in the company of others. The space is designed to be an outdoor living room. The circular or radial design encourages conversation and brings a feeling of continued momentum to the space. Live trees, fountain grass and small displays of succulents bring life and greenery to the design. Bold, colorful fabric is used for cushions on a traditional outdoor settee and chairs. Those traditional pieces are combined with unique and very modern occasional chairs, a petite chair for a small child and end tables that look like they are made of crystal. A table that is the small figure of a gnome is whimsical but also a functional place to rest a drink. In order to unite all the different pieces of furniture an floral outdoor rug is laid as the centerpiece of the furniture grouping. Planters chosen for their unique shapes, materials and aesthetic appeal further support the eclectic spirit of this design.

About the Designer(s)

  • Interior Designer; Patrick J. Baglino, Jr. Interior Design
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