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Room: Bathrooms


Designer: Celia Berliner

Designer's Notes

The beaming apple green and crisp white marble spa-like bathtub exudes the wonders of contemporary aesthetics and functionality. The footprint was expanded and fully redesigned to awaken and elevate grooming to a new realm. The bathtub was removed to make room for an oversized shower area with a marble-clad bench that protrudes to the bathroom dry area and the 6-foot long vanity with mirrored walls and wall-mount flat screen TV. The green glass tiles create a Zen-like order to the space, while the shower niches, bench and countertops are covered in white marble with subtle green veining. The white matte glass tiles used for the flooring and mirrored walls illuminate and expand the room. The vanities, with ample storage space, were all custom-designed and covered in matching apple green Italian laminate. Photography by Celia Berliner.

About the Designer(s)

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