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Room: Living Rooms


Designer: SPI Design

Designer's Notes

To enhance the 11-foot ceiling and the flood of natural light from the large windows in the living area, 8-inch oak molding that surrounded all of the windows was removed, as was the ornamental crown and base molding that existed throughout the apartment. SPI opted to divide the living area from the dining area with large cube towers on either side of the room, which allow a visual change without breaking the flow of the large, open space. To maximize the light, airy quality of the apartment, the surfaces and finishes were kept neutral and soft. The floors were ebonized, and in contrast, the walls and ceiling were painted a bright white. The clients' own Candida Hoffer photograph hangs above the sectional sofa.

About the Designer(s)

  • Sarah Shetter and Alison Palevsky, Interior Designers; SPI Design, LLC
    Phone: 310-396-1020
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