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Room: Bedrooms


Designer: Natalie Umbert

Designer's Notes

A trick-of-the-eye painting technique was added with 27-inch wide horizontal ‘flower pot’ color stripes around the entire room, which helps guide the eye downward and made the space feel much more comfortable. Conscious about space, or lack thereof, the furniture that fills the room was selected carefully. Every piece needed to be practical without sacrificing style. Instead of a traditional headboard or bed frame, a “faux” headboard was made with Chiang Mai Dragon wallcovering from F. Schumacher and Co., which is framed with a painted wood moulding to anchor the bed in the room. Sconces on either side of the frame provide light for reading. The bedside table, a petite vintage rattan writing desk and chair that is painted cranberry, works double duty as a workspace or vanity. A vintage French settee is at the foot of the bed for additional seating. Photography by Jeri Koegel.

About the Designer(s)

  • Interior Designer
    Media Contact: Maggie Carr; Michael Rogers Public Relations
    Phone: 212-255-7210
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