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Room: Dining Rooms


Designer: Cindy Aplanalp

Designer's Notes

An unused small home office was transformed into haven in a suburban home. Strong beams were used to highlight the tiled ceiling and create an authentic grotto look. Pebble flooring adds to the Old World feel while stonewalls and herringbone ceiling lend an aged element. A medallion carefully selected from a little known source in Argentina is the centerpiece of the room. Its pattern and color blend with the rest of the home’s decor, and the inlaid glass tile adds shimmer.
Tips: Incorporating the couple’s love of Argentina, bottle count, display appeal, case storage and the ability to maintain a 55-degree environment were all design considerations. Specialized craftsman were hired to help with cooling, insulation, placement of the condenser, etc. An expert carpenter contributed his expert skills and knack for creating storage solutions.

About the Designer(s)

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