HGTV Star Season 8: Photo Highlights From Episode 6

With only one hurdle left before the finale, the final four HGTV Star contestants were challenged to turn a hollowed-out school bus into a creative living space.

  • The Final Four

    Host David Bromstad met up with Anne, Brooks, Jeribai and Tiffany to present the episode six challenge.

  • Not Your Ordinary Bus

    People around the country are retrofitting school buses into decked-out RVs. The designers' task this week: Create a no-limits, creative space inside a bus of their own.

  • David Bromstad: The Mentor

    Super-creative David Bromstad will offer up his best design advice (and HGTV Star memories) to the final four.

  • Tiffany's Design Plan

    Tiffany bus design was inspired by her son's love of fairy tales. She decided to recreate the famous Mad Hatter's tea party from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.

  • Tiffany's Bus: After

    Tiffany painted her entire bus — including the windows — an emerald green hue to create an eerie mood.

  • Tiffany's Bus: After

    A long dining table outfitted with mismatched, vintage chairs helps to recreate the Victorian era portrayed in Alice in Wonderland.

  • Tiffany's Bus: After

    Vintage accessories that nod to the classic storyline, like this ticking alarm clock, line the table.

  • Tiffany's Bus: After

    A brass coat provides space for guests (including the Mad Hatter) to deposit hats and outerwear. Tiffany's attention to detail impressed HGTV personality Genevieve Gorder: \"I haven't seen her do a lot of mismatched, vintage moments this season. She bowled me over,\" the HGTV Star judge said.

  • Tiffany's Bus: After

    Tiffany lined the table with lots of greenery, like these glass terrariums filled with air plants, to add to the room's natural vibe.

  • Tiffany's Bus: After

    As a nod to the Queen of Hearts, Tiffany created her own \"painting the roses red\" moment.

  • Brooks' Design Plan

    The opportunity to create an out-of-the-box space appealed to Brooks' inner professor. \"This is the first time that I get to just go 100-percent Brooks and not hold back. This is the challenge I’ve been waiting for,\" he said. His design plan: a time traveler's lounge.

  • Brooks' Bus: After

    Brooks mixed futuristic, modern pieces with vintage items, creating a space that's difficult to place in a certain era.

  • Brooks' Bus: After

    White paint on the bus walls and ceiling and light-hued flooring allows the brightly-colored modern furnishings to stand out.

  • Brooks' Bus: After

    Brooks created an \"eggshell\" made from wooden slats to be a centerpiece of this experimental space. A copper chair mouted in the center is an eye-catching focal point. \"This is one of the finest sculptural pieces we've seen on the show,\" said judge Genevieve Gorder.

  • Brooks' Bus: After

    All-white tabletop accessories on the desk add to the futuristic vibe of this bus. The judges loved his attention to detail and far-out design. \"He always excels when we give him the opportunity and say, 'It doesn’t have to be functional,'\" said judge Vern Yip.

  • Jeribai's Design Plan

    Jeribai, a former fitness trainer, decided to transform his bus into a combination lounge and training room for an ultra-fit client. Here, he tries out the finished boxing studio.

  • Jeribai's Bus: After

    The front of the bus features a gentleman's lounge, complete with lots of seating for friends. \"You could really move through fluidly, and there was a lot of seating,\" judge Genevieve Gorder said.

  • Jeribai's Bus: After

    In the back portion of the bus, Jeribai created a colorful training gym that can be sectioned off with his own handmade curtains. The judges weren't fans of Jeribai's sewing: \"It was the wrong fabric, wrong tone, everything was wrong about them,\" said judge Sabrina Soto.

  • Jeribai's Bus: After

    Jeribai's clever wallpaper motif from the first challenge reappeared in the form of a crest on the back wall of his bus.

  • Jerbai's Bus: After

    These yellow boxing gloves helped inspire the boxing studio's color palette.

  • Jeribai's Bus: After

    Wood paneling lines the wall of the lounge portion of the bus, creating a modern, natural feel.

  • Anne's Design Plan

    While buses were a new challenge for many contestants, Anne brought experience to the challenge. \"I used to design luxury motorcoaches, so I have a comfort zone of turning a bus into something it’s not,\" Anne said. She decided to turn the bus into a combination bedroom and living space.

  • Anne's Bus: After

    After struggling to find the right pieces to furnish her space, Anne barely completed her design and didn't get a chance to add finishing touches. Bookcases outfitted with bench seats flank both sides of the bus near the entrance.

  • Anne's Bus: After

    The platform bed in the rear of the bus is the centerpiece of Anne's design. Two symmetrical horse sculptures add elegance and frame the sleeping area.

  • Anne's Bus: After

    Organic wallpaper and a crystal chandelier add to the ambience in Anne's space. The wrinkled bedding, however, didn't impress the design panel.

  • The Judges' Decision

    The judges were hoping to see a new side of Anne this week, but she didn't deliver. \"I think I wanna see how crazy you can get, Anne, because I know how dependable you can be with pretty,\" said judge Genevieve Gorder.

  • Goodbye, Anne

    Anne's dependably pretty rooms weren't enough to keep her in the competition — she's the seventh designer to be sent home. See what she has to say about her elimination and what she learned from the competition.

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