HGTV Star Season 8: Photo Highlights From Episode 4

The final six HGTV Star contestants split into two teams to create dream kitchen and dining spaces for real homeowners.

  • Designers With Host David Bromstad

    This Week's Challenge

    The remaining HGTV Star contestants met David in a residential Northridge, Calif., neighborhood to make over two real homeowner kitchens in just three days. Will they be the first designers in the history of the show to complete their kitchens?

  • Jeribai, Boris and Tiffany Plan Kitchen Design

    Team One: Jeribai, Boris and Tiffany

    After meeting with homeowners Giovanna and Eric Lawrence, the design team hatches a plan to meet the couple's needs: a more efficient kitchen along with a better space for family dinners.

  • Jeribai Installing Kitchen Backsplash

    Team One: Jeribai's Backsplash

    Even though DIY backsplashes have been the kiss of death for past Star contestants, Jeribai was set on creating the best one the show has ever seen. \"I've done full-remodel kitchens and bathrooms, all with tile. It's really my forte,\" he said.

  • Tiffany Sewing Draperies

    Team One: Tiffany's Drapes

    Tiffany took ownership of much of the dining room and many accessories, like these handmade drapes, but she worried that she didn't have a chance to edit her designs. \"All of my moments came in during the last 10 minutes. I could really be in trouble,\" she said.

  • Dining Room Before

    Team One: Dining Room Before

    Before, the main focal point in the Lawrence's dining room was the outdated paneling. The room was cold and sterile.

  • Dining Room Design

    Team One: Dining Room After

    A warm gray color palette transformed this room into an inviting dining space. Tiffany was in love with her stainless steel dining table choice, but the judges think it's not exactly kid-friendly. \"In a house with a lot of traffic, that will be one big smudged tablecloth,\" Genevieve said.

  • Dining Room Buffet

    Team One: Boris' Dining Room Buffet

    Boris covered up the room's dated paneling with richly-textured grasscloth. He also styled this rustic buffet. \"The warmth of this buffet needed to happen in more places throughout this space,\" Sabrina said during the walk-through.

  • Team One: Fireplace Makeover

    When the design team arrived, the fireplace was painted a drab brown hue. All it needed was a coat of warm gray paint.

  • Dining Room Artwork and Fireplace

    Team One: Gallery Wall

    To make the fireplace wall more of a focal point, Tiffany created this mini gallery wall.

  • Kitchen Before

    Team One: Kitchen Before

    The Lawrence family's main kitchen requests? A functional layout and easy-clean surfaces.

  • Kitchen Design

    Team One: Kitchen After

    The new kitchen shines with bright countertops, all-new wood cabinetry and a sparkling tile backsplash.

  • Kitchen Cabinets and Backsplash

    Team One: The Finished Backsplash

    Jeribai's backsplash efforts paid off. \"It was the best backsplash I have ever seen done on the show,\" Vern said. \"It was executed to perfection and looked great with the cabinets.\" Jeribai used a mix of glass and ceramic tiles to create dimension.

  • Kitchen Before

    Team One: Eat-In Kitchen Before

    All-white cabinets, walls and appliances paired with brown flooring and a brown table made for a drab, lifeless kitchen.

  • Team One: Eat-In Kitchen, After

    The finished kitchen creates the perfect mix of high-end design and family-friendly style. \"For a client that who wants contemporary and traditional, they answered the call,\" Genevieve said.

  • Kitchen Table and Built-In Bar

    Team One: Breakfast Nook

    A glass table takes up less visual space than the original wooden one, and still provides ample room for cereal and homework.

  • Built-In Kitchen Bar

    Team One: Boris' Wine Storage

    Boris removed an existing corner cabinet to create open shelving to house wine bottles and barware. The judges loved the idea of creating a space for entertaining, but thought the custom shelving wasn't large enough for the contents. \"If it's going to be custom, make it custom,\" Genevieve said.

  • Homeowners' Reaction to Dining Room

    Team One: The Homeowner Reveal

    Homeowners Giovanna and Eric are floored by the cozy and inviting finished space.

  • Boris, Tiffany and Jeribai After Challenge

    Team One: After the Challenge

    No fooling — the judges thought that team Boris, Tiffany and Jeribai created today's top space.

  • Brooks, Abby and Anne Plan Kitchen Redesign

    Team Two: Brooks, Abby and Anne

    Homeowners Jair and Tiffany Paz have a simple request for their outdated kitchen: More storage space! They're also looking to update the home's style and bridge the gap between modern and traditional.

  • Brooks, Abby and Anne Gutting Kitchen

    Team Two: Kitchen Demolition

    With a design plan in place, it's time to get to work! Here, Abby, Brooks and Anne demolish the existing tile and cabinetry.

  • Team Two: Finishing Touches

    While Anne and Brooks both have kitchen design experience, Abby is left playing catch-up. \"I'm a little bit concerned that I'm not going to have a voice in this challenge,\" Abby says. She selected and installed the kitchen's tile backsplash.

  • Dining Room Before

    Team Two: Dining Room Before

    Though the dining room features great architectural detail, it needed the right color and furnishings to make it shine.

  • Dining Room Design

    Team Two: Dining Room After

    Anne decided to paint the room a neutral taupe. Brooks, David and Sabrina all felt the room was too conservative, but Vern appreciated Anne's ability to choose the right warm beige hue.

  • Dining Room Design

    Team Two: Anne's Dining Table

    When Anne saw this classic farm table, she knew it was perfect for the Paz family. \"I have a husband, I have three kids, so I understand how they want to live in the space,\" Anne said.

  • Dining Room Table Arrangement

    Team Two: Bright Centerpiece

    \"I've designed so many kitchens and dining rooms...this is where I shine,\" Anne said. The judges agreed: With her design elements and a strong camera challenge, Anne was this week's individual winner.

  • Kitchen Before

    Team Two: Kitchen Before

    The Paz family said they wanted the kitchen to be the best part of the house and be both warm and modern.

  • Kitchen Design

    Team Two: Kitchen After

    The designers created a transitional-style kitchen, complete with a built-in breakfast bar and plenty of warm neutrals.

  • Team Two: Brooks' Asymmetrical Countertop

    Brooks thought that cutting the countertop on an asymmetrical angle would give the kitchen a modern edge. Vern had this to say on the countertop: \"I think it's pretty awful.\"

  • Kitchen Design

    Team Two: Boring Backsplash

    Vern wasn't a fan of Abby's bland backsplash and countertop choices, either. \"It was like a flesh-fest,\" Vern said. The judges did love Brooks' stainless steel sink choice.

  • Kitchen Houseplants

    Team Two: Windowsill Garden

    One of the Paz family's requests: A kitchen garden. Abby delivered a windowsill filled with herbs and flowers.

  • Homeowners' Reaction to the Redesign

    Team Two: Homeowner Reveal

    Tiffany and Jair were awe-struck when David revealed their new kitchen and dining spaces.

  • Brooks, Anne, Abby After Challenge

    Team Two: After the Challenge

    High five — the work's done! Anne, Abby and Brooks celebrate upon finishing the grueling three-day challenge.

  • Judges and Host David Bromstad in Kitchen

    The Judges' Decision

    After the judges tour both spaces, they must decide which designer to send home.

  • Goodbye, Abby!

    Abby's poor tile and countertop choices and scattered camera challenge led the judges to say, \"We will not be producing your show.\" Find out what she has to say about going home.

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