HGTV Star Season 8: Photo Highlights From Episode 3

This week’s challenge gave the remaining eight HGTV Star hopefuls the chance to work with their first real clients. The catch? Each randomly-paired duo was asked to create a space designed around the same couple.

  • David Bromstad With HGTV Star Contestants

    The Final Eight

    The remaining eight designers met host David Bromstad outside a newly-built apartment complex to learn more about this week's challenge.

  • HGTV Star Host With Clients

    Meet the Clients

    This week's challenge gave the remaining eight designers the chance to work with their first real clients. Here, David introduces the couple, Kacey and Rossi, to their design team.

  • David Bromstad With HGTV Star Contestants

    Random Teammates

    The designers paired up by drawing names from a basket. Each team will interview the clients, then create a dream apartment living and dining space based on the couple's style.

  • HGTV Star Contestants Meet With Clients

    Team One: Anne and Jeribai

    After learning that Kacey and Rossi like vineyards, Tuscan style, clean lines and country music, the team hatched a design plan. \"They're looking for something to bridge the gap between rustic and modern,\" Anne said.

  • HGTV Star Contestant Jeribai Tascoe

    Team One: Jeribai's Stripes

    Each team had access to a professional painter, but Jeribai opted to create the apartment's wall stripes on his own. But, would the rest of the design suffer as a result? Anne wasn't so sure.

  • Before: An Unfinished Condo

    Team One: A Blank Slate

    Each team's apartment contained the same open floor plan.

  • Anne and Jeribai's HGTV Star Living Room

    Team One: Finished Living Room

    After misplacing their drapes at the last minute, Anne and Jeribai took down the curtain rods and went without.

  • Industrial Coffee Table

    Team One: Industrial-Chic Coffee Table

    Anne and Jeribai added this sleek, modern coffee table to their transitional living room.

  • Unfinished Dining Room

    Team One: The Pre-Makeover Dining Space

    Each group of designers also had to create a dining space in the open concept apartments.

  • Anne and Jeribai's Dining Room

    Team One: Finished Dining Room

    Jeribai's hand-painted stripes extend from the living room to the dining area, connecting the two spaces. Judge Vern Yip said the precisely-painted stripes were the best he'd ever seen.

  • HGTV Star Contestants Anne and Jeribai

    Team One: Farm-Style Dining Table

    This large-scale farm table in Anne and Jeribai's space gives the clients ample room to host a large dinner party.

  • Reclaimed Wood Bench

    Team One: Rustic Details

    Benches made from rough-hewn recycled lumber lend the space the rustic vibe the clients craved.

  • Reclaimed Wood Guitar Art

    Team One: Jeribai's Musical Wall Art

    Jeribai payed homage to client Kacey's love of country music with a handmade wooden art piece shaped like a guitar. The judges loved the handmade touch, though they wished the piece was larger in scale.

  • Barbed Wire Art

    Team One: Anne's Barbed Wire Art

    Reviews were mixed on this barbed wire art piece Anne selected for the apartment's entryway. Half of the judging panel thought it was a health hazard, while others felt it gave edgy texture.

  • HGTV Star Contestants Anne and Jeribai

    Team One: The Judges' Verdict

    Despite their missing curtains, Anne and Jeribai's space was among the judges' favorites. They're both safe and will move on to the next challenge.

  • Brooks and Tiffany Meet With Clients

    Team Two: Brooks and Tiffany

    After discovering that the clients share a love of entertaining and that he rides a motorcycle and is into vintage style, Tiffany and Brooks hatch their design plan.

  • David Bromstad's Design Advice

    Team Two: Asymmetrical Stripes

    Brooks shows David Bromstad his unique wall graphic idea: An asymmetrical take on classic horizontal stripes.

  • Eclectic Living Room

    Team Two: The Finished Living Room

    Tiffany and Brooks incorporated rustic and vintage pieces to create a neutral, eclectic living room.

  • Orange Side Chair With Blue Accents

    Team Two: Colorful Accents

    Tiffany selected these orange side chairs to give the mostly-neutral room a bright focal point.

  • Unconventional Wall Stripes

    Team Two: Chesterfield Sofa

    Brooks selected this black, tufted leather sofa to satisfy Rossi's love of vintage pieces and motorcycle style. Tiffany's accessories and art gallery wall keeps the space from reading too masculine.

  • Hand-Carved Wooden Console

    Team Two: Carved Console Table

    Both clients expressed a love of rustic pieces, so Tiffany and Brooks delivered rustic style in the form of this hand-carved media console.

  • Eclectic Dining Room

    Team Two: Finished Dining Room

    Tiffany and Brooks created a more formal dining space featuring a crystal chandelier and upholstered dining chairs. A rustic dining table ties the living and dining spaces together.

  • Dining Table Accessories

    Team Two: Dining Table Accessories

    Brooks gathered this collection of vases and vessels to decorate the dining table, but both Sabrina and Vern found it over-accessorized. \"It’s better to have one great item than a bunch of items that are fighting with each other,\" Vern said.

  • HGTV Star Designers Brooks and Tiffany

    Team Two: The Judges' Verdict

    Tiffany and Brooks creative collection of furnishings and vintage-meets-rustic theme paid off: Their space was the judges' top pick in the evaluation room!

  • Cris and Tylor With Renters

    Team Three: Tylor and Cris

    Tylor and Cris paired up a second time during the week three challenge. After a quick consultation with the clients, they opt to create a space full of natural elements.

  • David Bromstad's Design Advice

    Team Three: Consult With David

    Tylor and Cris discuss their strategy with David, including their paint color choice: a pale green. Tylor was all-in on the hue selection, but Cris wasn't sure. \"I hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the end,\" Cris said.

  • HGTV Star Contestants' Finished Living Room

    Team Three: Finished Living Room

    While Tylor thought the wall color evoked nature, Vern thought it brought to mind a hospital room. \"People look sick in a hospital for a reason. It’s not just the sickness, it’s because they’re surrounded by this awful, awful color palette that you have in this room,\" Vern said. Ouch!

  • Cris and Tylor's Living Room Coffee Table

    Team Three: Nature-Inspired Accessories

    The rustic coffee table is topped with a wooden tray and watery blue and green accessories.

  • Tylor and Cris' Finished Living Room

    Team Three: Faux Chair Rail

    Tylor's camera challenge tip? Create a faux chair rail with painter's tape. The judges weren't wowed by this lackluster addition.

  • Cris and Tylor's Dining Room

    Team Three: Eclectic Dining Room

    A mix of chairs creates a collected feeling in the apartment's dining area.

  • Cris' Original Artwork

    Team Three: Cris' Artwork

    Cris created this original artwork, which features a favorite quote. \"I hate to say it, but Cris’ art is the sore thumb of this room,\" Tylor said.

  • Dining Room Bar Cart

    Team Three: Dining Room Bar

    One of the apartment's few bright spots was the dining room bar area designed by Cris. \"I like that they have a functional piece of furniture against the wall,\" Vern said.

  • HGTV Star Contestants Tylor Devereaux and Cris Mercado

    Team Three: The Judges' Verdict

    The few positive moments weren't enough to save Tylor and Cris this week. In this week's double-elimination, both team members were sent home. Goodbye, Tylor and Cris!

  • HGTV Star Contestants Meet With Clients

    Team Four: Abby and Boris

    After a quick interview with the clients, Boris and Abby decide to create a warm, traditional room based on the couple's love of Tuscany.

  • HGTV Star Living Room Makeover

    Team Four: The Finished Living Room

    While Abby and Boris added the drapes to \"create a sense of grandeur,\" the judges weren't impressed. Another design flop: Boris' faux crown molding.

  • Cottage-Style Credenza

    Team Four: Cottage-Style Console

    The team used a distressed cottage-style console to house accessories and media essentials.

  • Old-World Accessories

    Team Four: Global Accessories

    \"There's definitely a global feel coming from the accessorizing, but the room as a whole feels overly traditional,\" Genevieve said.

  • Abby and Boris' Dining Room

    Team Four: The Dining Room

    The team paired a sculptural dining table with formal upholstered chairs.

  • Moss-Covered Succulent Basket

    Team Four: Succulent Style

    Abby styled a ladder-style bookcase with vintage accessories and plants like these trendy succulents. The bookcase was one of the judges' favorite design moments.

  • HGTV Star Contestants Abby and Boris

    Boris and Abby: The Judges' Verdict

    Vern, Genevieve and Sabrina saw enough design potential in both Abby and Boris to keep them around for another week.

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