HGTV Star Season 8: Photo Highlights From Episode 2

The remaining nine HGTV Star contestants take on their first team challenge: transform an empty, industrial loft in just 48 hours.

  • 9 Designers, 1 Urban Loft

    The remaining designers met up with host and mentor David Bromstad in a downtown L.A. loft.

  • Urban Industrial Loft Before

    Industrial Chic Loft Makeover

    The designers' second challenge? Turn this empty loft space into a beautiful, functional home with four distinct spaces: living, eating, sleeping and working.

  • Reimagined and Repurposed

    \"Because this challenge is about reimagining an old space, each of you must buy something vintage or secondhand and reimagine it in some way,\" David says. The designers' creative repurposing will be the premise of the season's first camera challenge.

  • Tiffany and Anne Plan Room Design

    Bedroom Space: Anne and Tiffany

    Anne and Tiffany team up to tackle the loft's sleeping space. The group determines that the \"client\" is a rock-glam couple to keep all rooms in the loft cohesive.

  • Urban Industrial Loft Bedroom Before

    The Bedroom: Before

    Warm tones, hardwood floors and exposed brick details are the perfect canvas for a dramatic, urban-chic bedroom.

  • The Bedroom: After

    Anne and Tiffany agree that the bed should be the room's main statement piece. An oversized headboard and vintage, mirrored windows set apart the sleeping space.

  • Repurposed Sign Headboard in Loft Bedroom

    The Bedroom: Vintage Sign Headboard

    Tiffany's repurposing project? Use a vintage sign as a non-traditional headboard. She scrapped plans to paint it white in favor of the look of weathered, aged metal.

  • The Bedroom: Anne's Bedding Redemption

    After last week's missing bedding debacle, Anne's focus was to find the softest, most luxurious bedroom linens. \"Anne redeemed herself with sheets this week,\" Genevieve said during the judge walk-through.

  • The Bedroom: Repurposed Nightstand

    Anne's repurposed project was this black-and-white nightstand.

  • The Bedroom: Velvet Wingback Chairs

    Luxurious wingback chairs in purple velvet extend the rocker-chic vibe in this bedroom space. \"Everything felt really layered and really rich and appropriate in the loft,\" Vern said.

  • Anne and Tiffany in Finished Loft Bedroom

    The Bedroom: The Design Duo

    Anne's engaging camera challenge plus the duo's put-together bedroom made her this week's overall winner.

  • Tylor and Cris Plan Room Design

    The Living Room: Cris and Tylor

    Cris and Tylor worked together on the loft's living space, but they clashed when it came to the room's wall decor.

  • Urban Industrial Loft Living Room Before

    The Living Room: Before

    The vast loft living room, ready to be transformed.

  • Tylor and Cris' Finished Loft Living Room

    The Living Room: After

    The judges gave this living room mixed reviews. \"I think there are a lot of things working for this space and there are equally as many that aren't working,\" Genevieve said.

  • Tylor's Repurposed Bumper Artwork

    The Living Room: Tylor's Repurposed Art

    Tylor purchased a vintage VW hood at a salvage shop, then added his own spin with graffiti reminiscent of a demolition derby car. \"The wall decor is just a bunch of garbage put up on the wall,\" Genevieve said.

  • Repurposed Cigarette Machine Coffee Table

    The Living Room: Cigarette-Machine Coffee Table

    Tylor redeemed himself (kind of) with this clever coffee table fashioned from a vintage cigarette machine.

  • The Living Room: Camera Turned Lighting

    Cris transformed a vintage camera into an ingenious light with a light kit and an Edison bulb. It was the judges' favorite repurposed item of the challenge.

  • Tylor and Cris' Finished Living Room Design

    The Living Room: Suitcase Side Table

    The living room was packed full of vintage charm, like this suitcase-topped table.

  • The Studio: Brooks and Jeribai

    Brooks and Jeribai worked together in the loft's workspace: A combination office and music studio.

  • The Studio: Musical Inspiration

    Jeribai used his musical experience to inform the space. \"I'm a drummer; I've been playing since I was three years old. I want to take that musical inspiration and actually create from it,\" he said.

  • The Studio: Hurricane Brooks

    Brooks' mind works a mile a minute: He dreamed up this crazy chandelier inspired by audio cables for the musician's jam room. \"It's a hurricane of creativity...I'm trying to keep up with him,\" Jeribai said.

  • Urban Industrial Loft Den Workspace Before

    The Studio: Before

    This oddly-shaped nook is the perfect practice zone for this loft's make-believe client.

  • The Studio: After

    This studio is rock-glam at its finest, complete with risk-taking design and lots of practical space to play music or do computer work. \"There's so much good in this space! It's telling a story,\" Sabrina said.

  • The Studio: Vintage Record Player

    Brooks added a coat of pink paint to a vintage record player for a feminine touch in this mostly-masculine office space.

  • The Studio: Fabric-Covered Stool

    Jeribai's repurposed item? A stool covered with white fabric. The judges' weren't impressed.

  • The Studio: Corrugated Metal

    Jerabai decided to add an industrial touch to the space by covering one whole wall with corrugated metal.

  • The Studio: Brooks' Finished Chandelier

    The judges loved Brooks' finished audio cable chandelier.

  • The Studio: The Designers

    Brooks and Jeribai rock out in their finished space. A solid room helped them both make it out of the eliminiation room safely this week.

  • Boris, Abby and Jessie Plan Room Design

    Team Kitchen and Dining: Boris, Abby and Jessie

    Boris, Abby and Jessie teamed up to work on the loft's largest space: the combination kitchen, dining and entry spaces. They decided on a cool color palette, since the loft features so many warm tones.

  • The Kitchen: Jessie

    Jessie focused on accessorizing the mostly-furnished kitchen. \"I feel like this is a huge opportunity for me to wow the panel with my styling,\" she said.

  • Urban Industrial Loft Kitchen Before

    The Kitchen: Before

    \"I can't transform cabinets in two days,\" Jessie said. Her plan: fill the open-concept kitchen with pieces that pick up on the turquoise, purple, black and white palette the trio chose for the entire space.

  • THe Kitchen: After

    The judges love a few of Jessie's styling decisions, but wonder why some areas are overstuffed while others are completely bare.

  • The Kitchen: Empty Cabinets

    \"They were supposed to style this room. All of the cabinets are bare,\" Sabrina said.

  • The Kitchen: Cabana-Striped Curtains

    The black-and-white striped curtains (hand-sewn by Abby) clash with the industrial vibe of this loft space.

  • Jessie's Kitchen Buffet Vignette

    The Kitchen: The Buffet

    Sophisticated gold detailing dresses up the room's buffet.

  • The Kitchen: Jessie Heads Home

    Jessie's inconsistent styling led the judges to say, \"We will not be producing your show.\" Goodbye, Jessie! See what she had to say about going home in her extended exit interview.

  • Urban Industrial Loft Foyer Before

    The Foyer: Before

    Abby's focus was the loft's entryway, though she was saddled with most of the trio's painting and sewing. That left Boris to choose the key pieces in her space.

  • The Entryway: After

    The judges liked the room's large-scale rug and chandelier, but weren't fans of the \"juvenile\" turquoise, purple and black palette.

  • The Entryway: Unfinished Details

    A time crunch left Abby's entryway looking a bit unfinished. She envisioned large-scale floral arrangements on the table; a single orchid is all that made it into the space.

  • The Entryway: The Designer

    The judges advised Abby to get more involved in the design process, but left her safe to design another day.

  • Urban Industrial Loft Dining Room Before

    The Dining Room: Before

    Boris tackled the loft's dining space with coordinating stripes, purple and turquoise.

  • The Dining Room: After

    The striped banquette was a risk that didn't really pay off. \"I definitely give a shout-out to the boldness, but when you go bold, you better be good,\" Genevieve said.

  • The Dining Room: The Designer

    Boris fell into the bottom three this challenge, but made it on to next week's challenge.

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