HGTV Star: Photo Highlights From Episode 1

Meet the 10 new HGTV Star hopefuls and see the designs from the season eight premiere.

Ready, Set, Design: The First Challenge

Returning host and mentor David Bromstad kicked off season eight of HGTV Star by challenging the 10 new hopefuls to design a vignette representing their personal brands. Each designer must also create an original textile to use in the space.

Meet Abby Vasek

This native Texan and mom of two describes her style as \"saturated bohemian.\" For her first vignette, Abby created a room layered with colors and patterns.

Abby's Vignette: Inkblot-Inspired Wallpaper

Abby covered lines of inspirational text with oversized Rorschach inkblots to create a personal wallpaper for her vignette.

Abby's Vignette: Coordinating Fabric

Continuing with the same motif, Abby created a coordinating inkblot fabric. She also decided to cut out individual inkblots as pillow appliques.

Abby's Vignette: The Finished Space

During the judges' walk-through, Vern loved Abbi's eclectic, finished space. \"This is not my style at all, it's really messy, it's imperfect, and I loved it,\" he said. \"That's a unique point of view that you have, and you expressed it very successfully.\"

Abby's Vignette: Crystal Chandelier

The vintage crystal chandelier with its missing, dripping pieces was among Vern's favorite features of the space.

Abby's Vignette: Bold Pillows

Abby filled her space with bold, colorful patterns that show off her bubbly personality and fun design style.

Abby's Vignette: Vintage Accessories

Well-worn books fill an industrial-style coffee table.

Meet Anne Rue

Interior designer and mother of three Anne Rue's style can range from eclectic to edgy, but it's always outside the box. That's why she chose orange and red as her color palette for the first challenge: \"I'm bold, the wallpaper's bold...that's me, that's who I am,\" Anne says.

Anne's Vignette: Shopping for Accessories

Anne shops for accessories to finish her luxurious, bright bedroom suite.

Anne's Vignette: Hanging Her Headboard

Anne hangs a rustic wooden headboard atop her custom-designed wallpaper.

Anne's Vignette: The Finished Space

Bold accessories and a bedside desk finish Anne's space.

Anne's Vignette: Color Explosion

Vern appreciates the lines and patterns in Anne's space, but would prefer it to be slightly less saturated. \"I want the black-and-white version of this room, because the lines are actually very smart,\" Vern said.

Anne's Vignette: Missing Bedding

Anne's bedding didn't make it onto the furniture delivery truck, so she had to go with plan B: A plain duvet color covered with pillow forms and fabric scraps. \"The eye goes to naked white bedding, uncovered duvet covers and pillows,\" Vern says.

Meet Boris Eckey

A native of Hamburg, Germany, Boris's European background informs his luxurious yet comfortable design style. That's why he decided to create a sophisticated living room space for his design vignette.

Boris' Vignette: Custom Fabric

Boris created this fabric, which features a '70s-inspired pattern, to reupholster the cushions of two wingback chairs.

Boris' Vignette: Perfect Symmetry

Boris found two matching chandeliers to crown his symmetrical space, and they were judge Genevieve Gorder's favorite element. Judge Sabrina Soto loved the room's mix of patterns.

Boris' Vignette: Sloppy Seat Cushions

Sabrina's only critique: \"The seat cushion fabric should be more taut,\" she said.

Meet Brooks Atwood

This industrial design professor, trained architect and product designer is new to interior design, but approaches every design project with an inquisitive, experimental style.

Brooks' Vignette: The Design Plan

Brooks' vision for the first challenge? To meld \"Cool Hand Luke\" with Mick Jagger, using vintage items and custom pieces in a contemporary way.

Brooks' Vignette: Taxidermy Time

Brooks prepares to hang a ram's head on the wall of his design vignette.

Brooks' Vignette: The Finished Space

Pink wallpaper inspired by vintage camouflage is the backdrop for Brooks' design. \"I didn't come here to be average, pink is a risk. The panel is either going to eat up or they're going to hate it,\" Brooks says.

Brooks' Vignette: Handmade Lighting

Interesting details and an overall cohesive design made this room a judge favorite. \"You want to find out more about the pieces in this space,\" Vern says.

Brooks' Vignette: Vintage Accessories

Vintage brass, silver and glass accessories line the back wall shelf.

Meet Cris Mercado

A native of the Dominican Republic, Cris draws inspiration from her tropical surroundings to create a look she calls \"bold contemporary.\"

Cris' Vignette: Modern Silver Chair

Cris searched for a bold-colored chair to feature in her contemporary vignette, but eventually settled on this silver chaise and ottoman. \"I just kind of grabbed it and hoped for the best,\" Cris says.

Cris' Vignette: The Finished Space

\"My fabric design is very organic, it's very me. It's something I do a lot,\" Cris says. While the judges like Cris' patterns, they weren't impressed by the overall space. \"I can see the talent in the wallpaper, but I want more of that incredible color,\" Vern says.

Cris' Vignette: Tabletop Accessories

Bright accessories and flowers adorn this side table.

Meet Jeribai Tascoe

This project manager and father of two likes to create modern, edgy spaces that feature an element of fun.

Jeribai's Vignette: Personal Wallpaper

Jeribai used a graphic version of his initials to create matching wallpaper and fabric.

Jeribai's Vignette: The Finished Space

The judges were impressed with Jeribai's ability to turn his style into a brand. \"Branding is Jerabai's job, and you can see that,\" Genevieve says.

Jeribai's Vignette: Personal Brand

The judges loved the initial-based logo Jeribai used for everything from wallpaper to a custom clock. \"You could repeat that pattern not only in wallpaper but in everything to ground that brand,\" Sabrina says.

Jeribai's Vignette: Modern Accessories

Oversized mint green and brown accessories line the bright orange wall.

Jeribai's Vignette: Handmade Art

A last-minute decision to add a lime green squiggle to a plain black painting didn't help Jeribai win the judges' affection. The worst part? The drips of paint.

Meet Jessie Miller

This St. Louis native defines her style as \"urban regency.\" Her design was inspired by her favorite \"color\": leopard print!

Jessie's Vignette: Sketching It Out

Jessie wants to create a cozy den feeling in her design vignette.

Jessie's Vignette: The Finished Space

\"I'm elegant, luxurious and I also have a wild side,\" Jessie says. This space reflects her wild style, but the judges felt it was a little too over-the-top.

Jessie's Vignette: Pretty Peacocks

An oversized peacock adds interest and picks up on the colors featured in the vignette.

Jessie's Vignette: Wallpaper Panels

This wallpaper features the Pantone color of the year, Emerald Green, and resembles the trendy stone malachite.\"The emerald green is popping!\" Genevieve says.

Jessie's Vignette: Bar Cart

Jessie included a silver bar cart stocked with vintage glassware and decanters.

Meet Tiffany Brooks

This mother of one and owner of a residential interior design business favors contemporary spaces with an out-of-the-box twist.

Tiffany's Vignette: Office Space

Tiffany decides to create an office featuring classic pieces with a touch of funk.

Tiffany's Vignette: The Finished Space

The judges were impressed by Tiffany's taste level and the overall space. \"Tackling an office space and making it look sophisticated isn't easy, and she did a good job,\" David says.

Tiffany's Vignette: Custom Silhouette

Tiffany adds a custom silhouette to almost every space she does. It's perched atop her ikat-inspired custom wallpaper.

Tiffany's Vignette: Plush Seating

Upholstered ottomans topped with patterned fabric stand in for chairs in Tiffany's office space.

Tiffany's Vignette: Office Accessories

Paint brushes and notebooks stand ready for creativity atop the desk.

Meet Tobin Green

Tobin's design mantra? He constantly strives to evolve and step outside his comfort zone while creating his signature vintage industrial spaces.

Tobin's Vignette: Custom Wallpaper

ALso an artist, Tobin based his wallpaper on one of his own pieces.

Tobin's Vignette: The Finished Space

Tobin's finished space doesn't exactly evoke the industrial fusion style he was going for. \"This project represented about 90 percent of who I feels more modern than I am,\" Tobin says.

Tobin's Vignette: Wall Slats

Tobin used fence posts to create the architectural wall slats.

Meet Tylor Devereaux

Tylor's warm, modern rooms are classic and simple, but this father of one is all about bending (and breaking) design rules to give each space a punch.

Tylor's Vignette: Midwest Modern

Tylor describes the style he's going for in his vignette as \"Midwest modern.\" Here, Tylor measures his globally-inspired textiles.

Tylor's Vignette: A Bit of Whimsy

Tylor hangs a fun finger-pointing hook against his custom wallpaper.

Tylor's Vignette: Eclectic Accessories

Tylor added a mix of modern and vintage accessories to the space.

The Judges' Deliberation

After walking through all the spaces, the judges call the best and worst designers into the elimination room.

Congratulations, Brooks!

Brooks' outside-the-box design and risk-taking color palette earned him his very first win.

Goodbye, Tobin!

The judges liked some of what they saw in Tobin's space, but the unfinished vignette wasn't enough to earn him a spot in next week's challenge. Nine designers left!

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