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Episode 1 - A Brand New Season
Episode 2 - Lofty Ideas
Episode 3 - One Client, Four Apartments
Episode 4 - Real People, Real Kitchens
Episode 5 - Sorority vs. Fraternity
Episode 6 - School Bus Makeovers
Episode 7 - Palm Springs Finale

Featured in Episode 1

Flooring by Lumber Liquidators

Morning Star  9/16" x 5-1/8" Handscraped Strand Anji Bamboo
Casa de Colour  3/4" x 3-1/4" Walnut Hickory
Dream Home - St. James  12mm Chimney Rock Charcoal Laminate
Virginia Mill Works  3/4" x 4-3/4" Knob Hill Birch Handscraped
Dream Home - Nirvana PLUS  10mm Dunes Bay Driftwood Laminate
Morning Star Clic  1/2" x 5" Antique Clic Strand Bamboo
Virginia Mill Works  3/4" x 4-3/4" Old World Oak Handscraped
Virginia Mill Works  3/4" x 4-3/4" Matterhorn Birch Handscraped, 10003480
Virginia Mill Works  5/8" x 4-7/8" Sunset Mountain Oak Easy Click, 10022504
Morning Star  5/8" x 3-3/4" Tiger Strand Bamboo

Furnishings & Accessories by One Kings Lane

Villa Pillow (2), Villa - 1-5 
Three Hand Corporation Buddha Yellow, 21478
Legends of Asia Garden Stool Gold
Villa Pillow - Yellow (2), Villa-1-5
Surya Navy and White Runner Rug, FAL1055268
Villa Pillows (2)  - Blue and Oatmeal, VILLA-3
IMAX 3 nesting books, IMAX #8
IMAX Black Square Tray, IMAX #1
IMAX Snakeskin Tray, IMAX -1
Three Hands Corporation Jewelry Box (Black and Gold), 69643
Safavieh Light Blue Studded Ottoman (2), SVF 16945 A/B
Villa Pillow - Blue Chervon, Villa-1-5
Legends of Asia Garden Stool (Turquoise)
Safavieh Blue Paisley Cushion Bench, SVF70113
One Kings Lane Lime Moroccan Vase (Large)

Wall Coverings & Fabric by Astek Wallcoverings

Custom Wall Paper - Designed by Abby
Custom Fabric - Designed by Abby
Custom Wall Paper - Designed by Anne 
Custom Fabric on Pillows and Bed Spread - Designed by Anne
Custom Wall Paper - Designed by Boris
Custom Fabric on Seat Cushion (2) - Designed by Boris
Custom Wall Paper - Designed by Brooks
Custom Drapes - Designed by Brooks
Custom Wall Paper - Designed by Cris
Custom Fabric designed by Cris - Used as Rug
Custom Canvas By Astek. Designed by Cris
Custom Wall Paper - Designed By Jeribai
Custom Fabric for Pillow and Foot Stool - Designed by Jeribai
Custom Wall Paper - Designed By Jessie
Custom Fabric for Pillow - Designed By Jessie
Custom Wall Paper - Designed by Tiffany
Custom Fabric over Stools - Designed by Tiffany
Custom Wall Paper - Designed by Tobin
Custom Wall Paper - Designed by Tylor
Custom Fabric Drapes - Designed by Tylor

Art Supplies by Blick

Walnut 8inchx10inch essential frame (2)
Canvas 12x12 master/studio
Canvas 12x12 master/studio
Armature Wire 1/4 in, 334060000
Armature Wire 3/8 in, 334061038
AOB Wn Oil 5 Brush Set, 68251009
Blick Tracing 14x7 25lb 50sht, 106093007
Acrylic 10 22ml Set Reeves, 6411010
16x20 Fred Oval Stretch Canvas, 71091008
20x24 Fred Oval Stretch Canvas, 71090001
Mastr/Studio GL CNV 12x12, 71211004
Mastr/Studio GL CNV 12x12, 71211004

Paint by Dunn Edwards

DE5782 By the Bayou, Sheen: Eggshell
DEA101 Fiery Fuchsia, Sheen: High Gloss
DEA131 Teal/Waters, Sheen: High Gloss
DEA187 Black, Sheen: High Gloss
DE5130 Amber Tide, Sheen: Eggshell
DE5466 Citrus Spice, Sheen: Eggshell
DEW383 Cool December, Sheen: Eggshell
DEA187 Black, Sheen: Gloss
DEW380 White, Sheen: Low Sheen
DEA173 Frond, Sheen: Eggshell
DEA163 Rodeo, Sheen: Eggshell
DE6357 Black Tie, Sheen: Velvet
DW380 White, Sheen: Eggshell
DE6321 Soot, Sheen: Semi Gloss
DE6318 Lake Placid, Sheen: High Gloss
DE5104 Amour, Sheen: Semi-Gloss
DE5550 Lime Green, Sheen: Semi-Gloss
DEW380 White, Sheen: Gloss
DEA187 Black, Sheen: High Gloss
DEW380 White, Sheen: Eggshell
DEA168 Pirates Gold, Sheen: Eggshell
DEW380 White, Sheen: High Gloss
DEA137 Deep Sapphire, Sheen: Semi Gloss
DE5508 Palm Leaf, Sheen: Velvet

Furnishings & Accessories by HD Buttercup

Benin Armchair Nat Hemp Weat Oak (2), 100197340
Assorted Vintage Books (10)
Botanical Wire Table, 530144458
Silver Platter, A. Martin
Carafe Capitaine, 870109915
Oslo Glass Turquoise (3), 870129548
Condiments Pot wood bowl w/ plant, 910183163
Madena Stool, 890183033
11 x 20 Pil Satin Cerise (2), 490104187
Velvet Aqua 22 x 22 pillow (2), 270186955
Alba Pillow, 490104528
Kilm Sofa Dark Blue, 800100449
Arles Classic Vase, 160179759
Low Entertainment Unit, 110192756
Dandelion Ranch
Overdyed Rug, 800105740
Deconstruct Pillow, Dwell 12x24, 520167900
Draper persimn/crm, Rug Dwell, 520100472
Neptune Table, 980186657
Ouray Folding Table, 770188704
Victoria Red Ghost Chair, 410134221
Oversized Letter - B  Style De Vie, MSKU 0090
Oversized Letters - E B&E Style De Vie, MSKU 0090
Goodman Hanging Lamp
Straight Vase Black XLS, 91086096
La Brea Ottoman Lustre Sky, 150101434
Shaggy Rug Brown, 158173008
Sarni Large Side Table, A. Martin
Venus Short Pinched Vase, 780137002
Venus Tall Pinched Vase, 780147916
Gold Ribbons Vase Medium, 520168156
Glass with gold rings
Seine Chair (2), A. Martin
Vintage Seltzer Bottle, MSKU 0106
Bergerac wineglass, 880193849
Steel Stool, 90900130156
Incense Cedar, MSKU 0106
Oil Jug, MSKU 0106
Vintage Basket, MSKU 0106
Fork bundle, MSKU 0106
Polo Hat, MSKU 0106
Yale Cascading Chandelier
Ferderico Setee Linen Wht, 100177580
20x20 Satin Blue Pillow
20x20 Taffate Pillow
Navy Blue Pillow
Soho Side Table, MSKU 0117
Chrome Metal Pendant Lamp, 580194221
Maze Buffet 3 Door Unit, 450121081
Vase Obus 30cm, 870169648
Gold Ribbons Vase Medium, 520168156
Gold Ribbons Vase Large, 520125746
Orbits Coffee Table, 980187494
Andrew Martin Coffee Table Book, MSKU-0117
Sheepskin Rug, 520197204
Sheepskin Rug - Small, 520115025
20x20 Taffeta Auvergne, 490151187
Pil 16 Alba Assorted Colors (2) - Covered in Jessie's Fabric, 490104502
Florence B Sofa Teal, 260191130
Cone Decanter Wht, 520103667
Globe Decanter wht
Crosshtcn Cvl Decanter wht, 20136033
Antique Hat Box, 490104502
Long Vase Porcelain Angel (2), 910164274
Nest table set of 3 (Only used 2), 260114827
Sheepskin Rug - Small, 520115025
Acrylic Cube Chandelier, 190158256
Milo Roll Arm Chair (Beige), 100157684
Vellum Bold Script Designer Book (3), 0-10187877
Gulf Savanma Desk Black, 100157684

Furnishings & Accessories by Inheritance Shop

Antelope Head
Sheep Head
Chair (Leather)
Wooven Bottle

Furnishings & Accessories by Interior Illusions Home

U Roll Vase - Polished Nickel
Lissie Bottle Vase - White
Brazil Swivel Chair & Ottoman - Silver Leather
Bedroom Coffee Table Book
Coke Coffee Table Book - Red Cover
Lady Line Artwork (2)

Furnishings & Accessories by iSquared

Cora - Floor Lamp, 795
Square Ottoman
Bundle Rattan Crane Charcoal
Planter Terrazzo Tall Rectangle, 215
Pillow Decorative (Blue), 342
Pillow(White Fluffy), 1175
Pillow (Zebra), 969
Bishop Table, 547
Walker Floor Lamp, 718
Splitback Deluxe Lounge, 953
Nido Candleholder 4" Orange, 935
Nacre Bottle Vase 10.5", 922
Dune - Smoke Tray, 1322
Rug Sculpture, 409
Coffee Table Drake, 143
Stone, 1330
Bourgie Lamp, 1332
Stool Pawn (2), 150

Furnishings & Accessories by Material Environment

Italian Crystal Chandelier
Gold Leaf Book Ends (2)
Parzinger Chandelier
Justin Pierce Painting
Justin Pierce Painting
Justin Pierce Painting
Maison Jansen Bar Cart
Murano 4 Green Goblets
Pair of Monumental Brass Helix Lamps

Furnishings & Accessories by REHAB

Vintage 4 Tier Letter Tray
Vintage Books
Vintage Brass Candle Stick
Vintage Brass Candle Stick
Vintage Aluminum Glove Mold
Vintage Brass Garden Hose Nozzles
Vintage Wooden Shoe Last
Vintage Laboratory Glass & Accessories

Furnishings & Accessories by Rejuvenation

Lacomb (O.C White Mid-Century Modern Desk Lamp), Y6677
Blanket roll green heather with leather carrier, E1237
Rejuvenation extension cord three conductor 8ft red, A4444
Drink Sign handmade Portland OR, E1176
Vase Blenko Hand Blown Wheat
Vase Blenko Hand Blown Amethyst
Vase Blenko Hand Blown Crystal
Cylinder Banded Clear 9x12, E5653
Cylinder Banded Clear 6.5x7, E5653
Candlestick Lion Porcelain, E9700
Magnifying Glass Bone Handle Assorted, E2880
Cake Plate Mosser 10in, E3054
Cake Plate Mosser 9in, E3054
Candlestick Crocdile Porcelain, E9710
Paperweight Glass Assorted, E1222
Clip Bird Claw Dark Brass, E1147
Candle Taper Ivory 100 Percent beeswax, E0381

Furnishings & Accessories by Urban Colony

Contemporary Brown Leather Chair
Teak and Chrome Leg Coffee Table
5X7 foot beige Shag Rug
Cigar and Cocktail Table
Chrome contemporary Hurricane Lantern with candles (2)
Box of assorted vintage books and magazines
Tic Tac Toe Wine Bottle Holder (3)
Aqua Blue Shag rug
Set of 3 Orange Decorative Spindles
White Ribbon Ceramic Vase
Black Cast Metal Candle Stick 3
Orange Candle
GV Cast Metal Hand sculpture - High Five
GV Cast Metal Hand sculpture - Back At Ya
Faux antler on stand
Black Glass Perfume Bottle (Small)
Black Glass Perfume Bottle (Large)
Wooden Keys 2
Mahogany & Tan Leather Club Chairs 2
Black & Linen Graphic pattern pillow 2
Set of 2 tall neck blue glass vase
Box of assorted vintage books and magazines
Pewter Faux Leather Console Table
4 point wall mirror

Featured in Episode 2

Furnishings & Accessories by One Kings Lane

Safavieh Two Clear Table Lamps, SVF70195
Surya Beige and White Runner, FT-51-268
Legends of Asia Silver Garden Stool
Three Hand Corporation Tall Silver Vase, 36725
Safavieh Purple Ottoman (2)
One Kings Lane Vintage Navy Blue Trunk
One Kings Lane Silver Ram Head
Nuloom Black and White 8x10 Rug, NUL12250
White Bust - Three Hands Corporation
Three Hand Corporation - Gold Vase and Lid (2)
Safavieh Navy Blue Ottoman (2)
Safavieh Brown Cow Hide 

Furnishings & Accessories by Anna's Linens

Polyvelour Pillows (3), 881159
Micro Fiber King Pillow White (2), 881159
Micro Fiber Standard Pillow White (2)
Micro Fiber Comforter Mini Set, 873742
Cal King Feather Bed, 878525
Medallion Home Cal King Sheets, 886026
Waverly Standard Pillow (2)
Sentimenter Pillow, 882123

Furnishings & Accessories by DecoHome

Polysilk Shantung Black - 11.5 yrds
Polysilk Shantung White 11.5 yrds
Connaught Bar Cart, 663
Folding Screen Candelabra/Nickel w/candles
Jungle Bottle Small
Jungle Bottle Large
Jungle Bottle Lids (2)
Small Round Sunburst Mirror Nickel
Sunburst Mirror Nickel
Elongated Nickel Urn Small
Elongated Nickel Urn Large
Belted Footed Fruit Bowl
I Dream of Jeanie Vase Large Black (2)
Round Glass Decanter
Ollie Decanter
Stan Decanter
Waffle Cone Vase sm/Nickel
Waffle Cone Vase Large/Nickel
Dressage Lanterns (2)
Ice Faceted Pillar Vase
Loop De Loop Compote
Beaufort Mini Urn
Greenbrier Urn
Metallic Sheer - 5 yrds
Brussels Velvet - Midnight Blue - 4 yrds
Presidio End Table, 10031
Amherst Lamp (2), 66349903451
Misc Pillow/cushion - Lexington Ruby Pillows, 999p
Yak Horn on Black Wood Base (2), 630.WTR002
Youth Bust
Moderne Wingback in Caldo Comodo Lavender and Diva Floral Fabrics

Furnishings & Accessories by HD Buttercup

Prp/Lbl Overdyed Rug 11.8x17.5, 800105708
Turkish Kayseri 6.2x9.7, 790174286
20x20 Pil Duch Satin - Cerise (2), 490104165
11x20 Pil Alba - 1443 (2), 490104525
Black puffy chair
13" Whitestone Sphere, 240134273
17" Whitestone Sphere, 240195499
23" Whitestone Sphere, 240110556
Ombre Velvet Aqua 22x22 Pillow, 270186955
Manhattan Tall Shelf (2), 950132258
Lotta Round Table, 520118091
Brandon Table Lamp White (2), 410170342
20x20 Pil Duch Satin - Royal Blue, 490104166
Balance 20 Pillow cowhide x982 (2), 10149411
Grey Chair - Andrew Martin (2), MSKU-0117
Style De Vie Pillow (2), MSKU-90
Haji Baba 0117 RC Pink 6.4x9.6, 750109982
Tampa Cigar Leather Chair Grey, 620143786
Sunset Trumpet Horn Chand Brass, 170121018
Vintage Radio, 980192824
18" Caster Cube Casbah Camel, 150114753
Wilcox Tuba, MSKU-0159
Gio Rock on Stand (Stand was not used)
Small Gio Rock - Wilcox
Small Gio Rock - Wilcox
Small Gio Rock - Wilcox
Small Gio Rock - Wilcox
Vintage Rug Ottoman, 350162960
Cream Colored Ottoman
Drake Bottle (2)
Antique Mercury Glass (2)
Carafe Anse
Wine Glass with Platinum Rings (6)
Fusion Carafon Whisky 1L, 870113520
Dwell Rhino
Draper Club Chair - Oxford Black, 170138892
Black Studded Leather Chair

Furnishings & Accessories by REHAB

REHAB Vintage Custom Made Logo Frame Work (2)
Heavy Duty Vintage construction site tool box
Vintage aluminum patio table with smoked grey glass
Vintage Safe Deposit Boxes (6)
Vintage 1920's Halophane Lamp Prismatic
Vintage Cigarette Machine
Vintage Mole Richardson Stage Light on Tripod
1963 Volkswagen Beetle Hood
Vintage Yellow Trunk
Vintage Fiberglass molding - Paramount Studios Prop
Vintage Wheelchair Wheels (2)
Vintage Aluminum Parking Sign
Vintage Yahsica 35mm Camera
Vintage Wood Tripod
Vintage Slide Projector
Custom Made Metal Logo Sign 4ftx16x10
Brass Candle Holders (2)
Vintage Wood Console Table
Vintage Leather Doctor Bags (2)
Vintage Radio
Vintage Brass Floor Lamp
Vintage Drum Kit
Vintage Mid-Century Wood Tanker Desk
Vintage Mole Richardson Stage Light on Tripod
Vintage Film Shipping canisters (32)
Vintage Industrial Stool
Vintage Wall Mount Painting Light
Vintage Cosco Folding  Chair
Vintage Yellow Samsonite Chair (4)
Vintage Record Player
Vintage Amp

Furnishings & Accessories by Z Gallerie

Z Speakeasy Tray, 69916425
Ceramic Elephant White, 60712650
Pedestal Cake Stand 10', 67966263
Pedestal Cake Stand 14', 6796601
Montecito White Wine Glasses -  Silver (6), 63721089
Montecito White Wine Glasses - Aquamarine (4), 63323306
Paramount Salad Plate - Alabaster (6), 66135421
Paramount Bowl - Alabaster (6), 66018190
Paramount Dinner Plate - Alabaster (6), 66331211
Bling Placemat Graphite (6), 68782968
Agate Aubergine Coasters (6), 69067880
Concerto Frame - Black, 80722690
Labyrinth Dinnerware - Salad (4), 66652399
Quadra Charger 13.5" (Set of 4), 66267681
Largo Placemat - Peacock (Set of 4), 68702457
Chisel Glassware - Highball Silver (2), 62539319
Pierre Frame 4x6, 80009343
Gold Nest Placemat(Set of 4), 68291720
Largo Rectangular Tray - Peacock, 69869691
Paquet Bowl - Silver, 160101363
Isabella Mirror - Gold, 100129367
Studio Ice Bucket, 69889400
Raya Vase
Studio Champagne Bucket
Belvedere Chandelier (3)
Apothecary Beverage Dispenser
Trophy Vase
Omni Chandelier
Trophy Bowl
Metallic Skull, 160357917
Benito Pillow 24" Aubergine/Charcoal 24, 40938932
Fray Pillow 18" Aubergine, 40722749
Bowl Ortana Aubergine, 160801852
Z Pillow Alston Eggplant 24", 40669401
Montecito White Wine Glasses - Aubergine (2), 63201069
Artesia Decanter, 69548732
Z Triple Hourglass Aquamarine, 160125495
Esque Candles -Augberine 6" (2), 226157394
Jellyfish Paperweight, 1661270870
Everglades Round Tray - Eggplant, 69869077
Monaco Table Lamp, 20001933
Royce Sofa Charcoal, 10970745
Royce Chair Charcoal, 10297155
Eddie Accent Chair - White, 10096177
Marine Candle 3x4 (2)
Chinchilla Throw - Aquamarine
Zambia Throw - Aubergine
Infinity Wall Mirror
Notting Hill Table Clock
Pascual Wall Shelf (2)
Monterey Chandelier (2)
Mustache Tray, 69926122
Borghese Mirrored 7 Drawer Chest, 14405683
Juliette Pillow - Aubergine (2), 40919708
Fray Pillow 18" Aubergine, 40722749

Featured in Episode 3

Furnishings & Accessories by One Kings Lane

Tall Glazed Candleholder - Blue (2), OKL - Vintage
Blue Side Chair - Skyline Furniture (2), SFM 12568
Green Planter Small, OKL - Vintage
IMAX Rectangle Table Tray - Large, IMX11723
West German Green Vase, IKL - Vintage
IMAX Tate Glass Tray, IMX11999
Plum Diamond Art, ZBC 10370
Plum Geometry Art, ZBC10372
Three Hands Corporate 18x12 Classic Tray, THC14325
Navy Blue Ottoman (2) - Skyline Furniture, SFM12521
Tabitha Coffee Table - Classic Concepts, CFU10014
IMAX Chai Mosaic Box (2), IMX11993
Ariana Media Stand, CFU10393
Mid-Century German Floor Vase, OKL Vintage
AZ Late 1800s Box Steamer, OKL Vintage
Sensitive Soul 1, SMA11115
Sensitive Soul 2, SMA11116
Etched Brass Tray, OKL Vintage
Hampton Coffee Table - Classic Concepts, CFU10477
Bashian Rug, UOS11393
Jennifer Garrido Black and White Loop, NER11987
Skyline Furniture Chair (2), SFM11821
Three Hands Corporation - Covered Pineapple Jar, THC14330
Matisse Figure I, SMA10903
Matisse Figure VIII, SMA10910
Villa - Flora Pillow 18x18, XBW10155
Villa - Pierre 14.26 Pillow, XBW10199
Bernard Deneaux Teal L-45, NER10704
Brass Hammered Floor Lamp  - Arteriors
Surya Rug 5x8, SYA13327

Furnishings & Accessories by DecoHome

Wellington Panel (3), 70006
Amherst Lamp
Grape Lady Bust
Marsaille Knot Door Stop (3), 631
Ready Made Linen Drape, RMLIN
Misc Pillow/Cushion (2), 999P
Carved Wood Horse Head
Fittleworth Lamp
Deer Valley Panel With Stand, 702eb0278

Paint by Dunn Edwards

DE5492 Silver Fern Sheen: Flat
DE5654 Fresh Thyme Sheen: Flat
DE6144 Graham Craker Sheen: Eggshell
DE6335 Novelty Navy Sheen: Eggshell
DE6143 Almond Latte Sheen: Low Sheen
DE6144 Graham Cracker Sheen: Kiw Sheen
EDE5564 Cocktail Olive Sheen: Low Sheen
DE6333 Hamilton Blue Sheen: Flat
DE6332 Glen Falls Sheen: Flat
DE6335 Novelty Navy Sheen: Flat
DE6333 Hamilton Blue Sheen: Semi Gloss

Furnishings & Accessories by HD Buttercup

Couch / sectional
Black Desk Fan
R and C Letters
Assorted Books
Red stripped pillow
Orange stripped pillow
Two Chairs - Leather
Metal Sculpture
Blue Pillow
Velvet long pillow
Cream Couch
Credenza Brown/mirrored
One tall and one short vase
Brown Leather Chair at table (2)
4 glasses
Side Round Table
3 colored bottles - clear, brown, blue
Madena Stool (2)
Brown Leather chair
Map Pillow
Three Suitcases
Dining Room Glass Table
Two brown chairs
Two brown/green chairs
Black Ladder
Assorted Books
Three cowboy hats
3 Bar Stools
Big assorted pillow
3 Hanging Lamps
French Ledger
Open Book on suitcase
Assorted Books
Sofa - Black
Beige linen strip pillow
Chrome Chandelier with pointy lights
Dining Room Table
4 Bar Stools
Rounded Light
3 striped Dining chairs linen
3 dining chairs linen
Assorted Books
Coffee Table
Big Credenza

Furnishings & Accessories by LA Vintage Furnishings

Stylish Embonized Arm Chair, 293
Custom Brass and Glass Side Table Design by Artist Diane Solyan, 191
French Style Gilded Ormolu Door Knocker, 560
Pair of Chrome 'Ziggurat' Style Banded Wall scones, 740
Johnny Depp Ring
Skull Ring
Vintage 70's Chrome Open Air Design Table Lamp, 717
Steam-Punk 'Gueridon' Table Made of Bicycle Parts, 163
Pair of Stitched Leather Side Tables Over Wood (Only used 1), 148
Blue and White Lidded Porcelain Jar, 710
Silver Plate and Mirrored Plateau Barware, 558
Bar Book
LeCorbusier Lounge, 289

Furnishings & Accessories by Rejuvenation

Misc Salvage Item, F8818
Candle 10oz Amerique USA Made, E3482
Vintage Guitar Case
Candle Linen Scent vintage glass goblet Assorted, E0300
One OC White fixture Standing Lamp
Two Shades B2256 BN Finish
Candle Linen Scent Vintage Glass lg goblet Assorted
Candle Linen Scent Vintage Glass sm goblet Assorted
Box Chapati Vintage Brass Box Assorted, E1218
Magnifying Glass, E0393
Roto Chrome Revolving Color Wheel Stage Light
Tealight Holder Green Mercury Glass Assorted (3), E0354
Small Wire Basket, E9532
Patchwork Carpet, Y6677
Salvage Architextiral, F5623
milk pot vintage brass assorted, E1220
Cauldron Cooper Riveted, E4460
Salvage Architextiral, F5623
Mirror Convex Black Gold Edge (3), E4653
Candle holder pillar/taper antique brass ball, E0276
Candle pillar ivory 3x3 1/2 100 percent beeswax, E0391
Plate Vintage Brass Assorted, E1221
Cooper Pale Assorted, E6972

Furnishings & Accessories by Rolling Greens

Small potted Succulents
Wall Hanging Succulents (2)
Wine Red Candles - red (8)
Relic Candelabrum #4 (2), 60100018
Kantha Quilt Bird Song, 60020314
Green Pot with Hydrangeas
Plant Stand
Large Cluny Finial
Vintage books set of 3
Succulents (small)
Vintage Set of Books
Resin Coral on Base, 30165424
Potted Plant
Succulents in Bowl

Furnishings & Accessories by TINI

Assorted Books (6)
Industrial Table
Still Painting

Furnishings & Accessories by Urban Colony

Grey Washed Pedestal Dining Table
Wooven Mirror
Black Faux Snakeskin Folding Hall Table
Vintage French Dining Chairs (2)
Black Vintage Bench with Mohair Top
"Grid Lock" Pillow VH
La Mina Pillow
Hurricane Blue Vase
Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table
Strapped Metal Side Table
Concrete Lamp

Furnishings & Accessories by West Elm

Velvet Window Panel (2), 2588820
Turning Pendant - White, 4899811
Oversized Metal Rod - Brushed Nickle, 4991386
Hive Vase - Wide, Short, Summer Melon, 538496
Hive Vase Taper Tall Turquoise, 3101474
Sunset Throw 44x56 Indigo, 240705
Candle Lantern Cylinder Medium Ivory, 9782384
Candle Lantern Cylinder Small Ivory (2), 9782392
Laguiole Cheese Knives - Set of 3, 9972134
Cake Paper Runner 20" Kraft, 61507
Slate Placemat, 4194726
Slate/Wood Board Small, 4040143
Forged Flatware 5pc Set, 4800397
Cross Dye Basic Napkin Set of 4, 6190433
Glass Wine Bottle Wood Stopper, 4068904
Log Vase Small, 1935352
Braided Storage Bin, 7261159
Framed Bird Wall Art 14x17, 514208
Framed Bird Wall Art 20x30, 514232
Studded Velvet Pillow Cover 12x21 Regal Blue, 353973
Feather/Down Pillow Insert 12x21, 9765504
Mongolian Lamb Pillow Cover, 367987
Feather/Down Pillow Insert 16x16, 9765512
White/Black Graphic Vase Cone, 439687
Geometrical Vase Collection - Large, 4395083
Linen Window Panel (2), 3134442

Featured in Episode 4

Furnishings & Accessories by One Kings Lane

Old Dutch Copper Canister Set, ODA01249
J.A Hinkle 9 pc. Knife Set, HEN01274
Copper Saucepan Mauviel, MVL01321
Enrico Products Wooden Spoons, ENR10058
One Kings Land Vintage Green Urn
Blackbird Bird Art, LSQ10121
Redwing Bird Art, LSQ10120
One Kings Lane Vintage Brass Bowl
Electra-Craft Black Espresso Maker, ELC10024
One Kings Lane Vintage Wood Fruit Bowl
Old Dutch Copper Footed Colander, ODA01359
Old Dutch Copper Beating Bowl, ODA01348
Richard Mishaan Moma Series 5 Art, SMA10581
One Kings Lane Vintage Terracotta Plates
CMG Ceramics LDA - Grey Bowl (4), GFD10005
CMG Ceramics LDA - Grey Dinner Plate (4), GFD10003
CMG Ceramics LDA - Grey Salad Plate (4), GFD10004
CMG Ceramics LDA - White Bowl (4), GFD10002
CMG Ceramics LDA - White Dinner Plate  (4), GFD10000
CMG Ceramics LDA - White Salad Plate (4), GFD10001
Safavieh Charcoal Persian Rug, SVF20631
Imperialis Florum Art, IG80-0AM, LSQ10106
Impulse Amber Goblet (6), IG80-0AM
4 Bronze Goblets
Mauviel Copper Ice Bucket, MVL01298
White Sandstone Candlestick (2) One Kings Lane Vintage, OCC10016
Cambridge Estrada Hammered Silverware Set, CBS10099
One Kings Lane Vintage Green Glass Vase
Tin Lined Round Copper Pan - One Kings Lane, MVL01318
Old Dutch Copper Beating Bowl - Small, ODA01347
John Boos Cutting Board, JBC10012
Hartford Dining Table, BUI10142
Three Hands Corporation White Candlestick - Large, THC12146
Three Hands Corporation White Candlestick - Medium, THC14197
Three Hands Corporation White Candlestick - Small, THC14199
Safavieh Grey and White Striped Dining Chair (4), SVF17523
Safavieh Grey Ottoman(2), SVF70117
Ten Strawberry Street White with Gold Rim Dinner Plate (6), SRT10197
Ten Strawberry Street with Gold Rim Salad Plate (6), SRT10196
Ten Strawberry Street with Gold Rim Bread Plate (6)
One Kings Lane Vintage Blue and white large china plate (6)
One Kings Lane Vintage Blue and white Salad Plates
One Kings Lane Vintage Teacup Plates
One Kings Lane Vintage  teacups
Modigliana Nude (Art), SMA10919
Jennifer Garido Panda Hug (Art), NER11360
Geometric in Blue II, SMA10751
Three Hands Corporation Big Glass Tray, THC12944
Emile Henry Ceramic Nesting Bowls - Blue (3), EML10322
Oggi Canisters Glass (8 pieces), OGC10028
Cambridge Voyager Mirror 20 piece, CBS10098
Blue Cocotte By Staub, STB10106
Silver Pot Set Demeyere, DEM01264
John Boos Cutting Board, JBC10011
Oggi White Canister Set (7 Pieces), OGC10100
Electra-Craft Red Espresso Maker, ELC10025
CMG Ceramics LDA - Yellow and Grey Striped Bowls (4), GFD10006
CMG Ceramics LDA - Yellow and Grey Striped Cups (4), GFD10007
Emile Henry Ceramic Utensil Holder White
One Kings Lane Vintage Brown Pot
Abigail's Large Pitcher La Boheme, ABL10017
Abigail's Small Pitcher La Boheme, ABL10018
Ten Strawberry Street Wine glass with Silver and Gold Rim, SRT10210
Abigail's Glassware  La Boheme
Three Hands Corporation Small Glass Tray
2 Lamps
Peacock sculpture

Wall Coverings & Fabric by Astek Wallcoverings

Winds of the Orient Handcrafted Wallpaper (16 rolls)
Custom Wallpaper Art
Wallpaper converted into Table Runner

Paint by Dunn Edwards

DEW346 Swan White Shhen: Flat
DEC760 Desert Gray Sheen: Eggshell
DE6057 Raindrops Sheen: Velvet
DE6057 Raindrops Sheen: Low Sheen
DE6058 Thick Fog Sheen: Flat
DEW340 Whisper Sheen: Semi Gloss

Fixtures by Hye Lighting

Fixtures - Solid Brass, 45195

Cabinets by Kitchen Pro

Cream Maple Kitchen Cabinets
Espresso Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Accessories by Kohler

Vault Apron Front, K-3942-1
Sensate, Touchless pull-down kitchen faucet, K-72218-VS
Whitehaven Apron-Front Under-Mount Kitchen Sink, K-6489-KA
Sensate, Touchless pull-down kitchen faucet, K-72218-CP

Accessories by Kravet

Pattern: 31408 Color:411

Tile by Marble and Tile Depot

Flooring, Kitchen and Bath

Furnishings & Accessories by Mitchell Litt

Grey Fabric Chair with Nail Head (4), 1192
Black Oak Buffet with Brass Hardware
Large Oval Two Toned Brass Tray
Hand Hammered Stainless Steel Top with Solid Mindi wood base - Dining Table

Furnishings & Accessories by Mother of Pearl

Lacquered Cast Iron Knob (25), BSB-LCLI 6005
Pull Lacquered Cast Iron Finish (15), ROM - LCI 2032

Furnishings & Accessories by Plummers

Becky Dining Table - Glass Top with Chrome Trumpet Base, M18
Hailee Dining Bench, E24
Insigna Sideboard Stained Poplar, S13
Endrom Metal Vase 20" Height, S05
Catus 12" Vase 11. 75 x11.75 High Gloss Metal, J07
Oval Bamboo Bowl Medium, T03

Furnishings & Accessories by Pottery Barn

Antique Bird Object Large
Antique Bird Object Small
Honey Tava Rectangle Place Mat (6)
Timber Candle White 3x6, 4843942
Honey Tava Napkin Rings (6), 9380684
Yellow Crackle Vase Small, 272922
Solid Dish Napkin - Dejion (6), 4299764
Single Cast Iron Curtain Rings (24), 7109234
Bevel Glass Mirror 30x42, 6775035
Benchwright Dining Bench, 792677
Cast-Iron Drape Rod, 6174577
Tapered Drum Burlap Shade, 3060415
Nubby Natural Fiber Rug, 193714
Country Pitcher in Amber
Cliff Clear Glass Table Lamp, 2215432
Tibetan Barstool (2), 5070354
Colorful Café Tumbler - Amber (8), 268169
Antique Silver Spreaders - Set of 2, 1521368
Cambria Serving Bowl, 6219638
Large Nickel Pocketwatch, 7157092
Drapes in Porcelain Blue (2), 8596595
Bosphorus Bowl Small, 4836326
Aegean Vase XL, 7359276
Cast Iron Curtain Rod, 9344789
Colorful Goblets - Blue (3), 264291
Aegean Vase Medium (2), 7359342
Bosphorus Bowl Small, 4836326
Bosphorus Bowl Large
Colorful Goblets - Turquoise (3), 264267
Antique Pewter Candleholder Small, 8020505
Antique Pewter Candleholder Large, 8020497
Glass Drink Dispenser, 8978348

Accessories by Texton

Classic Roman Fold - Cancun Tropic
Solare Shades - White/Grey

Appliances by Waadt Appliance

Frigidaire Refrigerator, FFSC2323LS
Frigidaire Gas 30" Range, FFGF3053LS
Frigidaire Dishwasher, FGBD2431NF
Frigidaire 30" Microwave and Hood, FGMV174KF
Frigidaire Refrigerator, FFSC2323LS
Frigidaire Gas 30" Range, FFGF3053LS
Frigidaire Dishwasher, FGBD2431NF
Frigidaire 30" Microwave and Hood, FGMV174KF

Featured in Episode 5

Flooring by Lumber Liquidators

Morning Star 9/16" x 5-1/8" Songjiang Strand Handscraped Bamboo (950 sqft), 10023914
Schön 5/16" x 4" Chocolate Sapele Engineered (1050 sqft), 10002414

Furnishings & Accessories by One Kings Lane

Iron Table Lamp (2)
Boutique Artwork
Beaded Oatmeal Pillow (2)
Blue and Oatmeal Pillow (2)
Artwork - Small on the wall
Artwork - Large on the wall
Think of the happiest thing Artwork
Grey and White Chevron Console Table
Round Black and White Ottoman
Airplane Triptych 3 Piece (Art)
Purple Persian Rug
Navy and White Striped Trunk

Furnishings & Accessories by A Star Furniture

Urban Table
LA Rug - Ziggler Collection 5x7
Dining Chair (18)

Wall Coverings & Artwork by Astek Wallcoverings

Paint by Dunn Edwards

DEC751 Ash Gray Sheen: Eggshell
DEC750 Bison Beige Sheen: Semi Gloss
DE5118 BBQ Sheen: Semi Gloss
DE6368 Walrus Sheen: Eggshell
DE6370 Charcoal Smudge Sheen: Low Sheen

Rug by Flor

Fabric & Accessories by International Silks and Woolens

Pillow and Seat Fabric
Four sets of rods and accessories
19ft of Fabric - Black

Furnishings & Accessories by Pharaoh Manufacturing

Pool Table - Custom

Furnishings & Accessories by TINI

Credenza Record Player
Three Frames
Burlap Sack

Furnishings & Accessories by Urban Colony

Zebra Wood Console
Red Chair
Red Rose Pillow
Sofa Sectional

Furnishings & Accessories by Urban Home

Jasmine Table Lamp, u72493to
Library Chair in Ivory (2)
Abbey Side Table
Anders Dining Table
The Wellington Side Chair (2)
Barrel Aviator Chair (4), 2109-01
Halifax Ottoman, ct-03
Manchester Sofa Cream Linen
Amber Metallic Jar, 69074A
Manchester Chair (2)
Chess Figurine Knight, 77378
Chess Figurine Pawn, 77377
Chess Figurine King, 77376

Furnishings & Accessories by West Elm

Raffia Tray 18x28 - Natural, 1938414
Eclipse Chandelier, 9838640
Favorite Throw 50x60 - Ivory, 3136900
Adjustable Floor Lamp Silver, 7821796

Featured in Episode 6

Furnishings & Accessories by One Kings Lane


Furnishings & Accessories by Anna's Linens

Queen Feather Bed, 878524
Micro Fiber Standard Pillow and Euro Sham - Taupe (2), 862038
Big Jumbo Pillow (4), 824061
Feather Down, 895392

Wallpaper by Astek Wallcoverings

Furnishings & Accessories by Blu Dot

Real Good Chair Limited Edition Copper Plated
Black Vintage Globe
Icelandic Sheep Skin - White (2)
Free Range Side Table Walnut And Marble
Bender Table Lamp - White
Real Good Chair - Black
18x18 Mima Cross Stich Pillow - Red/White
18x18 Mima Cross Stich Pillow - Yellow/White
18x18 Mima Cross Stich Pillow - Black/White
18x18 Nana Stripe Pillow - Mid-Grey
Splash Coat Rack - White
Splash Coat Rack - Bright Blue

Furnishings & Accessories by DecoHome

Oxford Stripe - 7 Yards
Essential Tassel Tieback - 2
RE Rod 1 1/8"D x 8'L

Accessories by Dish Factory

Tea Cup (12)
Saucer (12)

Paint by Dunn Edwards

DE5734 Emperor Jade Sheen: Eggshell
DEW380 White Sheen: Semi Gloss
DEW380 White Sheen: Eggshell
DE6351 Gold Wind Sheen: Velvet
DE6354 Grey Wolf Sheen: Low Sheen
DE6304 Blustery Wind Sheen: Eggshell
DEW381 Droplets Sheen: Semi Gloss
DE5342 Bumblebee Sheen: Eggshell
DE5223 Energy Orange Sheen: Eggshell
DEA108 Red Power Sheen: Eggshell
DE6374 Silver Polish Sheen: Eggshell 

Tile by Flor

Heaven Sent - Bone (20)
Heaven Sent - Flint (20)
Heaven Sent - Marigold (4)
Heaven Sent - Patina (4)
Heaven Sent - Maize (4)
Heaven Sent - Grey (4)
Heaven Sent - Slate (4)
Heaven Sent - Flint (4)

Furnishings & Accessories by LA Vintage Furnishings

Set of (9) Small English Porcelain Teapots, 717A
Hepplewhite Style Dining Chair (4)
Hitchcock Chairs Circa 1860-1870 (4)
Pair of Leather Wing Chair
Vintage Iron Coat Rack/Stand
Gold Antique Framed Mirror
Pair of Queen Anne Chairs
Antique Books (35)

Furnishings & Accessories by Landon Cole

Black Dog
Side Table

Furnishings & Accessories by Plummers

Tinseltown Table Lamp 30" Height, TT7635
Divide Floor Lamp 62" Height, 10662
Niana Sofa/Daybed With Two Adjustable Back Rests, SF9370/FB10
Sleek TV Stand With Aluminum Sliding Door, AMP66A/V
Cigno Chair 28" x36" x 32", 724-1/9324, 724-1/9324
Afton Writing Desk With One Drawer, AFTON-DESK/V
Hailee End Table, 62502/CF
Hedge Rug 5' x8' 100% temp, OTND-1121/5X8
Ovata Guest Chair, BT9836M-GUEST/BN
Treviso Swivel Chair - Metal Base Graphite Leather, 8520-SW1/112E

Furnishings & Accessories by Poliform

Dama Table
Red Coral - Large
Red Coral - Small
Set of 10 White Painted Glasses
Paper Vase
Wedge Bench with Red Tray
Tridente Table - Set of 3 (Large, Medium, Small)
Santa Monica Chair
Venus Chair
Ventura Chair
Ipsilon Stool
1x Set of hanging white leather balls

Furnishings & Accessories by Pro Boxing Supplies

Speedbag Platform
Boxing Gloves
Red Heavy Bag

Furnishings & Accessories by Rolling Greens

Angel Vine Russian Dome (2), T430
Tillandsia Bareroot Large - Xlarge (3)
Glass Vase 11", #GFC120/11
Orchid Phalaenopsis Multi Medium
Orchid Phalaenopsis Multi Extra Large
Orchid Phalaenopsis Fancy Multi Small
Cone Shell Vase 13", #V4437
Selaginella Moss 6" (4)
Vintage Small Driftwood with Tillandsia
Glass Vase 9", #GFC120/09
Vintage Driftwood, #TR1068
Ivy Globe 10". #T186
Ivy Globe 8" (2), #T185
Ivy Double Ball 10", #T165
Rosemary 6" (7)
Ivy Cone 7 Gal, #T210
Cypress Knees Wood, #TR1011
Hanging Succulent Assorted 6" (3)
Succulent 5 Gallon Assorted (2)
Temple Jar Lotus Large
Uni-gro Green Moss 2 cubic feet 
Natural Moss Bunch
Mossy Branches Long(3)

Furnishings & Accessories by Ron Swing Interiors

"Fascination" 3 Light Polished Chrome and Crystal Chandelier
"Rowley" Fluted Glass Column Table Lamp With Champagne Pleated Fabric Round Drum Shade (2)
Large White Glazed Terra Cotta Stallion Statue with Head Up (2)
42" Tall x 12" Square Smooth Black Stone (2)
Large Buddha Head Statue on Stand
"Alanna" Oval Beveled Mirror Box
Round "Prada" End Table with Ebony Oak Wood Top and Stainless Steel Frame
Fully Upholstered Swivel Chair in Designer Selected Fabric (2)
Small Bone Veneer Nested Table
Large Bone Veneer Nested Table
"Clifton" Mercury Glass Pillar Candle Holder
Small Black Ox Horn Calligraphy Brush with Goat Beards
Large Black Ox Horn Calligraphy Brush with Goat Beards
Small Silver Finish Fu Lion Statue
Medium Silver Finish Fu Lion Statue
Medium Marble Ring on Metal Stand
Small Carved Stone Buddha Head on Black Stone Base
Large Antique Carved Stone Chinese Buddha Head Statue with Base
Medium "Lamya" Finial in Bronze Hand Forged Metal Stand with Transparent Copper Brown Glass Globe
Large "Lamya" Finial in Bronze Hand Forged Metal Stand with Transparent Copper Brown Glass Globe

Blinds by Texton

Furnishings & Accessories by Urban Home

Mini White Clock  (2)
Wake Me Up White
Stackware 8" Side Plate Black
Place Mat
Wood Tray Assorted Colors  - Yellow
Charlwood Citron Pillows (2)
Stainless Steel Trunk Medium

Furnishings & Accessories by Z Gallerie

Agate Coasters - Aubergine, 69067880
Agate Coasters - Terra (3), 69067759
Bodega Storage Boxes Sand (2), 166249241
Chisel Glassware Tumbler - Set of 4 Silver, 62535144
Slant Decanter, 69050436
Nest Sphere 5.5" Nickel (3), 160125473
Delancy Pillow 24" - Grey (2), 40669394
Floor Lamp Mariposa - White, 20848128
Bois Pillow 24" - Steel (2), 40669409
Bois Pillow 24" - Charcoal, 40669414

Featured in Episode 7

Flooring by Lumber Liquidators

Virginia Mill Works Engineered  1/2" x 5" Potomac Plank Handscraped Engineered, 10004930
Morning Star  5/8" x 3-3/4 Qing Spyder Strand Bamboo, 10006035
Schön Quick Clic Engineered  7/16" x 4-3/4" Brazilian Koa Quick Clic Engineered, 10010347

Furnishings & Accessories by One Kings Lane

Chartreuse Tufted Bed - Skyline
Hammered Gold Floor Lamp - Arteriors, ARTERIORS
Safavieh Maddy Accent Table, SVF17676
Sara Table Lamp - Black (OKL Vintage), PAN10405
Brass Elephant Large - One Kings Lane Vintage
Naked Angel Tray, A&B Home
Cowhide Rug - Brown, Safavieh
Orange Pouf Leather, NUL11378
Vintage Blue and Red Glasses, OKL Vintage
Midcentury Walnut End Table, OKL Vintage
Oval Table with Removable Tin Tray Red, GLD11031
Hermosa Vintage Metal Covered Steamer - Navy, OKL Vintage
Brass Obelisk  -  One Kings Lane Vintage
Orange Cashmere Throw, AAR10082
Celestia Hemp Rug - Walnut, NUL11185
Murano Purple and Blue Bowl, OKL Vintage
McCoy Blue Onyx Vase, OKL Vintage
Pottery Vessel - Blue, OKL Vintage
Walnut Lounge Chair (2) - One Kings Lane Vintage
1960's Armchair - Black, OKL Vintage
Black and Gold Throw - Happy Habitat, EWO10038
Emily Bench - Orange, SVF23539
Indian Lidded Brass Box
Map of London 24x28 Art, VPG13329
Midcentury Green Lamp, OKL Vintage
Midcentury Teak with Gold Candleholders (2)
Dining Bench
Orange and Gold Lacquered Bowl with Lid, OKL Vintage
Three Hands Corporation Gold Artichoke, THC14320
1960's Italian Spider-Leg Table
Murano Glass Bowl - Blue
Wood Bowl with Abalone Insert, OKL Vintage
Swedish Midcentury Chair - Black
Large Onyx Rook Bookends, OKL Vintage
Hammered Brass Basket, OKL Vintage
Mirrored Tray, OKL Vintage
Mirrored Square Tray, OKL Vintage
Scandinavian Glass Vases (Set of 3)
Midcentury Teak Candleholders (2)
Flowa Powa III, SMA11120
Charcoal Cut Out Side Table (2), Safavieh
Orange Pillow - Villa, XBW10085
Wood Charger - Erinco Products LLC
Skyline Yellow Chair (2), Skyline
Peach Leather Pouf
San Francisco Art
Silver Table Lamp, Safavieh
Crystal Ball Floor Lamp, Visual Comfort
Flowa Powa I
Flowa Powa II
Blue Moroccan Jug with Lid, A&B Home
Tall Wood Floor Lamp, Visual Comfort
Three Hand Corporation White Lace Bowl, THC
Spaghetti Iron Basket, OKL Vintage
Black Mirror, Mirror Image
Francis Chair - Grey, KDC10077
Black and White Pillows (2), XBW10066
Yellow Moroccan Jug with Lid, A&B Home
Safavieh Blue Tufted Bench, Skyline
Silver pillow (2), Villa
Oatmeal and beige (2)
Crystal Ball Table Lamp (2), Safavieh
Turin Sofa Grey Mid Century Modern, ELT10171
Blue Pillow (2) - Villa
Brown Geometric Pillow, XBW10038
Jacques Table - Gold (2), WAW10001
Venturi Rug - Ivory, SVF10320
Green Round Tufted Ottoman
Cherevon Side Chair, SKYLINE
Navy Cube Ottomans
Gold Side Table Lamp (2), Safavieh
Teal Nightstand (2), Safavieh
Jute Rug, SYA13369
Green Pattern Pillow (2) - One Kings Lane
White Tufted Bench, Skyline
White Tufted Bed, Skyline
Designs for French Gardens I, SMA01236
Designs for French Gardens II, SMA01239
White Bamboo Mirror, Mirror Image
Clear Table Lamp (2), Safavieh
Ashby Wood Side Table (2), SVF16017]
Round Horn Mirror, Mirror Image
Large Round Vintage Brass Tray, OKL Vintage
Chinese Style Mirror - Red, Mirror Image
Map of Central Park, VPG14544
Silver Lamp - Large, Visual Comfort
Grey Geometric Pillow, VILLA
A Pop Of Color III, SMA10934
A Pop Of Color IV, SMA10935
Gavin Chest Dresser, BMD10204
Large Brass Bowl with Rope Decoration, OKL Vintage
Horse Figure - OKL Vintage, OKL Vintage
Riso Coffee Table - White, PAN10105
Blue Dining Chair - White Legs, Safavieh

Furnishings & Accessories by Ambiance Unlimited

La Derner California King Bed
Back Chest Lex oc

Furnishings & Accessories by Anna's Linens

Madison Burgundy, 898100
Winstone SP, 891110
Microfiber (2), 882572
madison qnt, 898099
casanovare 2, 885673
casanovapc, 885666
featherdow, 895392
Cotton Pillow, 893637
Luxury Jumbo Pillow (2), 898720
Mini Red Pillow
Round Pillow
Matelasse 3 Piece Bedspread Set "Madison" - Burgundy

Wallpaper by Astek Wallcoverings

Wallpaper - Black and White (Entryway), 171-53
Wallpaper - Red and Gold (Bedroom), HA 1347
Wallpaper - Purple (Bedroom)
Wallpaper - White and Silver (Living Room)
Wallpaper - Bedroom

Furnishings & Accessories by At Hom

Ceramic Knick Knacks
Vintage Black and Orange Ceramic Planter

Paint by Behr

Heron - Eggshell, 530F-6
Stealth Vet - Eggshell, 780F-7
Vermont Cream - Eggshell, WB400
Blue Spell - Eggshell, 550F-7
Beluga - Gloss, 770F-7
Bayside -Egg, 510F - 5
Bayside - Semi-Gloss, 510F-5
Gem Turquoise - Satin, 500B-4
Cool Jazz - Satin, 490A-2
Sterling - Gloss, 780E
Sparkling Spring - Eggshell, 730E
Black Sable - High Gloss, 730F-7
Frost - High Gloss, 1857
Tide Pools - Eggshell, 480E

Furnishings & Accessories by Between The Sheets

Belgre Mallory Chair (2), 5615
Allusion Down Pillow Medium Standard (2)
LYO Duvet Leonardo Blkg King
LYO Sham Leonardo Blkg Standard (2)
Colored Sham 610 Sateen Amth King (2)
Norwich Jewel Box
Long small pillow
Lisa Percale Duvet
Bauhaus 300 EMB
Stripe Pillows (2)
Optima Pillow Stuffing

Furnishings & Accessories by Cargo Consignment

3 Drawer Cabinet

Furnishings & Accessories by Dining and Stools

Lazar Chair (2)
Walnut and Ivory Chairs (3)
Charlotte In Charcoal Barstool (4)

Fabric by Fabric For Interior Design

Megeppa (11 Yards)
Pea Blue (5)
MRP (24)
A Maharam Exclusive - Big Paisley with Black (3-1/8 yards)
Velvety Stripe /off white (49 1/2 yards)
D-275 (25 yards)
NG-810 (6 Yards)
C-242 (12 yards)
Waterford (6 yards)
Spectra -191- Laden (18 yards)

Furnishings & Accessories by Flooring Innovations

Rug Beige
Shawl over couch - Rug
Sterling MT33
Silver Streak MT 36 Feild 

C by Flor

Fleece & Thanks - Eggnog (42 Tiles)
Heirloom - Tan (30 Tiles)
Coming Along - Pearl (14)
Coming Along - Tan (14)
Waxing Poetic - Quartz (37)
Roadside Attraction - Eggnog (78)

Furnishings & Accessories by Heather James Fine Art

Annamarie Kipar Beaded Cashmere Hand Beaded with Vintage and contemporary Bugle Beads
Robert Walker Good Application 2011
Timothy Tompkins Path in the Woods

Furnishings & Accessories by Interior Illusions

Orange Tray
Gold Banana Bowl
White and Gold Vase

Furnishings & Accessories by Just Modern

The Bend Counter Stool (2)
Coral 600 Hanging Lamp by David Trubridge Design
Stola Table Lamp
Palm Springs Modern Coffee Table Book, 9780847820917
Backyard Oasis Coffee Table Book, 12-PSAM-102
Bud Vase - Aqua (2), 12-GC-BUD-Aqua
Bud Vase - White Matte, 12-GC-BUD-White Matte
Canoe White
Mod Cylinder 14" Planter Aqua (2)
Mod Cylinder 14" Planter White
Retro Bullet Planter - Chartreuse OR Russel Wright Large Bowl, Chartreuse
Big White Large Bowl
Retro Bullet Planter Stand - Medium
Retro Bullet Planter Stand - Small
Russell Wright Large Bowl - Chartreuse, 13-BA-104 Chartreuse
Cylinder 10in Planter Tangelo, mod-10-1angelo
Orange Canoe, 13-BA-102-Orange
Mod Cylinder 14' Planter Aqua
Mod Cylinder 12' Planter White Gloss
Retro Bullet Planter Stand - Tall, 12-hh-rbt
Retro Bullet Planter Stand - Small, 12-hh-rbps
Retro Bullet Planter Stand - Medium, 12-hh-rbpm
Retro Bullet Planter - Yellow, PLM - 1531
Retro Bullet Planter - Tangerine, TNG-1560
Retro Bullet Planter - Chartreuse, CHT-1369

Furnishings & Accessories by Lamps Plus

Leila Black Clear Swag Plug-in Chandelier, 85093
Possini Euro Design Trumpet Table Lamp, R2456
Chrome 5 1/4" Wide Crystal Mini-Pendant light, V8477
Possini Glitz Crystal and Chrome 12 1/2" High Wall Sconce (2), M2871
Modern Clear Glass Fluted 18 3/4" Wide Chandelier (2), P0387
Hubbardton Forge 50 1/2" Wide Large Trestle Chandelier, R1491

Furnishings & Accessories by M Modern Gallery

Shag Artwork - Mr Blue, by SHAG (aka Josh Angle), 89
Shag Artwork - Venus by SHAG (aka Josh Angle), 101
Shag Artwork - Woof by SHAG (aka Josh Angle), 141
Shag Artwork - Benevolent Idol by SHAG (aka Josh Angle), 101
Shag Artwork - Purple Sun by SHAG (aka Josh Angle), 110
Shag Artwork - Rum by SHAG (aka Josh Angle), 82
Shag Artwork - Bondinho by SHAG (aka Josh Angle), 110
Shag Artwork - The Last Day of Kahiki by SHAG (aka Josh Angle), 151
Shag Artwork - Watson and the shark by SHAG (aka Josh Angle), 118
Reccardi Artwork - Sunshower, 32

Furnishings & Accessories by Marc Russell Interiors

Mirrored Chest with 3 drawers (2)

Furnishings & Accessories by Modern Home Design

Mirrored divider

Furnishings & Accessories by Moller's Garden Center

Pot Plastic Golden Rod 20", 1430690968
SuperMoss Preserved Reindeer Moss (4), 5983421644
Tealight Holder Mercury, 750gl283
Tealight Holder Mercury, 750gl283
Putter Golfer (2), 49002
Lilies of the Valley
Votive Red Current, 71096
votive (3), 612779534
Jun San Jose 5ps 3 Ball Paddle, 1494948485
Jun C Mint Julep 5sp, 1494948025
Giant Bird of Paradise (3)
Pot Plastic Jungle Green 20, 50021279
Kentia Palm 279 (2)
Cactus and Succulent 4" (16)
Bromelian 6 (3)
House Plant 6"
House Plant 8"
Spanish Moss PR16NA
Spanish Moss PR16GS
Pebble Jade
Potting Soil Uni-Gro

Furnishings & Accessories by Mor Furniture

3 drawer bombe chest
JWL Richmond Credenza Media CNL, 773174632
Fleur De Lis Book Box (Set of 3), 74028370
Round Mercury Candle Holder Set of 3 - only used 2
CoCo Nut 40x40
Cooki Chips 40x40
Thetan Bottle, 17517677
CNT Cast Iron Jacks set of 3, IMAX 468451662
BWS Pewter Magnifier, IMAX911280829
Carson Snow Swivel Chair, 961180024
Grand Leaning Mirror Linen, 287096530
Salon Sofa Table, 333477699
white vase
Aluminum Boat Tray
Writing Desk
DGL Alanna Finials (2), 870145619
DGL SS Mirror Tray set of 2
Kendall Server
Gold Obelisk (2)
Asencio Credenza Media Console, 227803461

Furnishings & Accessories by Plummers

Diamonte 6 Drawer double dresses
Caroline Dining Table (2)
Ann Glenn Side Chair (8)
White Chair
Deion 3-Lite Arch Lamp 81" High, OLS-8871/ps-wh
Matson I Console Table: Elm Veneer with Polish Steel
Chano Sideboard Walnut Veneer
Tragona Two Piece Sectional Consists of 1 right arm condo sleeper sofa, 12Trag - 2PC /D319
Kendra Chair /Sand (2), Kendra-1/bk-30
Beluga Console Table, C47 CB252-CON/V
Kendra Chair / Dark Brown (2), Kendra-1/bk-70
Matson I Square End Table, 857B-END/E
Ceramic Bowl, Y02J12
Brighton Console Table, 06cn-56b
Quetra lI Oil Painting, F275096-3il
Sella Guest Chair - Mustard (2), 1212-CA
Barrima Side Chair Orange
Barrima Side Chair Brown

Furnishings & Accessories by Pottery Barn

estr bl mr hdl sml, 310102
estr bl mr hdl larg, 310086
unsc plr 4x8 ivr, 7366263
unsc plr 3x6 ivr, 7366248
Cvlni Notebook Paris, 2244143
Adeline Rug
Pocketwatch Alarm PWT, 4884029
Isra Jewelry Box Large, 9907692
Car Box, 9855412
Alani Decoupage Tray, 427021
Ava Glass Metal Desk, 8379398
Red multicolored pillow
Phulkari Pillow cover (2)
Eclectic Silver Taper Holder Small, 1428754
Eclectic Silver Taper Holder Medium, 1428432
Eclectic Silver Taper Holder Large, 1428820

Furnishings & Accessories by Rancho Mirage Florist

Caller Lilies x 8
14 birds of paradise

Furnishings & Accessories by Room Service

Retro Sofa
Palm Springs Lamp
Moroccan Side Table - Black 
Moroccan Side Table - Yellow
Hollywood Lamp
Glass Table
Santorini Credenza
Resin Table
Cactus Vase
White Vase
orange vase
Pillows (2)
Copper Side Table

Furnishings & Accessories by Swank Interiors

Orange Ice Bucket

Furnishings & Accessories by Touch of Class

1960's Chair (6)
Coffee Table Glass
Long Bedroom Mirror
Little Marble End Table
Crystal Chandelier (2), 3332999
Teacup set
Gold Side Table

Furnishings & Accessories by Trestle

Hammered Silver Box Small, 3038
Hammered Silver Box Medium, 3039
Azzurro Mercury Tealight (2)
Tulia Vase marbled
Round Moss Ball large
Pillow Red Raspberry, 3639
Round Moss Ball Small
Timber Pillar Pumpkin Candle
Timber Pillar Pumpkin 4x4
Printed Pillow (2), 1424
Pillow Poppy Red (2), 3637
Large Tall Vase
Vases sand 2
Two Chairs
big glasses

Furnishings & Accessories by Victoria's Attic Antique Mall

Gold Mirror
Green Blue Chalet Ashtray, V5112
Mod Table (Silver)
Diamond Shape Table (Silver)
Silver Bowl
Amber Bowl
Pair of Orbs (silver)
Amber Candy Dish
Amber Compote
Crystal Green Cut Glass
Murano Bowl
Culver Barware Glasses
Gold and Black Lamp
Mirrored Tray
Wooden Credenza
Peach Vase
Viking Amber Vase
Amber Vase
Amber Vase
Amber Vase
Bronze Duck
Star Yellow China set (set of 16)

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