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Abby Vasek

Meet Abby Vasek, an interior designer and contestant on season 8 of HGTV Star.

Age: 35
Current City: Wimberley, Texas

Abby, a born-and-bred Texas girl, decided at an early age to follow in the footsteps of her interior designer mother. While Abby earned a B.A. degree in graphic design from Abilene Christian University, she explored her true passion of interior design. In 2001, she and her sister opened a creative manufacturing design company that catered to the "tween" market, but later dissolved the company in 2009 when she and her sister each gave birth to twins. Now, Abby juggles a happy home with her husband and two 5-year-old boys and is a successful freelance designer. She describes her favorite design styles as "clean bohemian" and likes to incorporate animal prints, bold colors, over-sized pieces and luxurious finishes.

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