Brother Vs. Brother Season 1: Photo Highlights From Episode 6

It's girls against guys and twin versus twin with the finish line in sight. Which contestant will win the $50,000 prize, and which brother will be crowned the first victor? Read on to find out.

Brother Vs. Brother: The Final Challenge

The stakes are higher than ever as Drew and Jonathan compete one last time to determine which brother's team will win the first Brother Vs. Brother title. The brothers will choose the champion from the team with tonight's winning design.

The Final Four

Three members of Team Drew advanced to the finale: Monica, David and Brett. After last week's loss, Torche is the only remaining member of Team Jonathan.

Girls Vs. Guys

To even the odds, Drew selects Monica to join Torche on Team Jonathan for this week's challenge. The teams will remodel identical houses owned by identical twins Nate and Matt. Both properties have a starting value of $330,000.

Team Jonathan: Planning the Design

Torche and Monica chat with Jonathan about their plans for the home's kitchen, dining room and living room renovations.

Team Jonathan: The Entryway, Before

Outdated terra cotta tile made the first impression upon enterting this home.

Team Jonathan: The Entryway, After

Removing the wall surrounding the kitchen island creates an open, airy feeling in the house. Large ceramic tiles step in for the outdated terra cotta.

Team Jonathan: The Kitchen, Before

The homeowners craved a fix for their outdated kitchen cabinets, countertops and appliances. They also requested additional counter space.

Team Jonathan: The Kitchen, After

Torche spent $22,795 on materials for a brand-new kitchen, including $3,000 to purchase updated, cottage-style cabinetry.

Team Jonathan: The Backsplash

Only $150 of the budget went to backsplash tile; however, the new blue, gray, brown and tan glass mosaic adds loads of updated style to this kitchen.

Team Jonathan: Updated Island

Before, a partial wall isolated the island from the rest of the kitchen. Now, the homeowners can easily interact while they enjoy a bowl of cereal or the morning news at the updated breakfast bar.

Team Jonathan: An Open Concept

Removing an additional wall between the dining room and kitchen further opens up the home's first floor.

Team Jonathan: The Dining Room, Before

Before, this room was closed off from the rest of the house. As a result, it was neglected and rarely used.

Team Jonathan: The Dining Room, After

Now, the kitchen flows seamlessly into the dining room. The updated flooring, gray color scheme and neutral accessories create an inviting space perfect for entertaining.

Team Jonathan: The Living Room, Before

Before, the living room's high ceilings dwarfed the room's furniture and fireplace.

Team Jonathan: The Living Room, After

A dramatic fireplace feature that stretches to the ceiling creates the proper scale in this soaring space. Monica spent $3,100 to update to furnishings and $150 on fresh paint.

Team Jonathan: The Fireplace, Before

The old gas fireplace featured a dark and outdated brick surround.

Team Jonathan: The Fireplace, After

This dramatic faux chimney cost just $125 to create, but the new focal point is a huge value-add to this home's living room.

Team Jonathan: The Homeowner Reveal

Homeowners Matt and Jen see their remodeled home for the first time.

Team Jonathan: The Final Appraisal

All the judges from the Brother Vs. Brother season returned for the final challenge. Their verdict? The home was originally valued at $330,000, and Team Jonathan added a whopping $60,000 in value to the property for a new list price of $390,000. But, was it enough?

Team Drew: The Final Challenge

Drew counsels David and Brett outside their identical property at the start of the challenge.

Team Drew: Planning the Design

Brett will focus on revamping this home's outdated kitchen and dining area, while David will take on the living room design.

Team Drew: Entryway, Before

Multiple flooring types -- including tile, vinyl sheeting and laminate wood -- created a disjointed look in the home's entryway.

Team Drew: Entryway, After

David spent $4,000 of the team's budget to replace all of the open room's flooring with the same wood laminate featured in the kitchen, creating a flow from room to room.

Team Drew: Kitchen, Before

Before, the kitchen's outdated cabinetry was in a state of disrepair.

Team Drew: Kitchen, After

Removing the half-wall around the stove and replacing it with a shining new vent hood creates function and flow between the living and dining spaces.

Team Drew: Kitchen, By the Numbers

Brett spent $20,000 on materials for the updated kitchen, including $2,700 for new cabinets, $4,000 for countertops, $3,300 for stainless steel appliances and $200 for the backsplash tiles.

Team Drew: Plenty of Storage

New cabinets create tons of functional, easy-to-access storage for the homeowners.

Team Drew: All About Flow

The new kitchen flows seamlessly into the dining area.

Team Drew: Dining Room, Before

The forgotten space was full of disparate objects.

Team Drew: Dining Room, After

Updated flooring, a new light fixture and a warm gray color scheme make this space more inviting.

Team Drew: Living Room, Before

Before, this living room was practically devoid of color, and didn't take advantage of its high ceilings.

Team Drew: Living Room, After

David moved the room's electric fireplace to a custom-built modern box, shifting the focus to the center of the rooom.

Team Drew: Fireplace, After

David spent $800 of the team's budget creating the purple-paneled feature wall, firplace surround and updated mantel.

Team Drew: The Homeowner Reveal

Homeowners Nate and Anna see their updated home for the first time. It's a fresh start for their growing family!

Team Drew: The Final Appraisal

So, did their improvements measure up to Team Jonathan's efforts? The expert panel agrees: YES! The team added a whopping $75,000 in value to their home, with a new list price of $405,000. That means either David or Brett will be crowned the winner of Brother Vs. Brother.

Goodbye, Monica

Her brief stint on Team Jonathan wasn't enough to give that team the win. See what designer Monica says about going home.

Torche's Teary Exit

Torche learned a lot from her mentor Jonathan, but her team ultimately wasn't strong enough to get the win. See her teary exit.

Who Will Win?

With only two contestants left, Jonathan and Drew must decide -- who will be the first Brother Vs. Brother champion!

Congratulations, David!

David's consistently good design choices and construction know-how made Drew name him the first Brother Vs. Brother winner. Hear David's take on his winning moment.

Goodbye, Brett

Brett was so close, but he lost by a nose. See what he has to say about getting second place.

A Brotherly Toast

Team Drew: 1; Team Joanthan: 0. But for now, a truce, and a toast: Here here, David! Hear his thoughts on winning.

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