Brother Vs. Brother Season 1: Photo Highlights From Episode 5

The competition intensifies in the Brother Vs. Brother semi-finals. While Team Drew leads with three team members, Team Jonathan trails with only two. Who will go into the final challenge?

  • Welcome to the Semi-Finals

    On this episode of Brother Vs. Brother, the teams compete to add the most value to their homes in just three days. With only five contestants remaining and $50,000 within reach, tensions are high and the competition is stronger than ever.

  • The Appraisal Challenge

    The remaining contestants take on the weekly appraisal challenge in Hancock Park, Calif. with neighborhood homes ranging from $800,000 to $1.3 million in value.

  • Assessing the Value

    After a two-minute walk-through the teams discover they must estimate the home's square footage rather than the value. Team Jonathan guesses the three-bedroom, three-bathroom Spanish bungalow is roughly 2,436 square feet, while Team Drew weighs in at 2,250 square feet. The home's actual square footage is 1,977.

  • Team Drew's Second Appraisal Win

    Team Drew's winning streak continues! They were just 273 above the correct square footage.

  • Team Jonathan: The Final Two

    Team Drew holds onto the appraisal challenge home, so Team Jonathan (now just Mark and Torche) heads to a 1935 Spanish-style property with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and 1,900 square feet. The starting value of the home is $850,000.

  • Team Jonathan: Down to Business

    Homeowners Courtney and Richard tried to tackle several renovation projects, starting with the master bathroom but quickly became overwhelmed, leaving the space unfinished. Along with an updated bathroom, they also desire a more functional master bedroom. Jonathan tells Torche and Mark to focus on the master bedroom, bathroom and closet.

  • Team Jonathan: First Look

    After a Rock, Paper, Scissors loss, Torche is forced to let Mark take on the bathtub and alcove project while she conquers the floor installation and vanity.

  • Guest Appraiser: Kennon Earl

    Kennon Earl, from HGTV's Selling LA, revisits the show to appraise the value of both homes.

  • Team Jonathan: Bathroom, Before

    When homeowners Courtney and Richard started remodeling their home, they began in this outdated and pastel-toned bathroom. An updated design was at the top of their list.

  • Team Jonathan: Bathroom, After

    New flooring, vanity and wall tile completely transform the space. Unfortunately, Mark and Torche were unable to finish the flooring and bathtub alcove, a Brother Vs. Brother first. Jonathan's construction crew put the finishing touches on this bathroom after the challenge.

  • Team Jonathan: Bathroom, After

    Mark's attention to detail creates a beautiful and unique decorative piece that doubles as storage above the bathtub.

  • Team Jonathan: Vanity, Before

    Before, the master bedroom's walk-through closet was impractical and short on storage.

  • Team Jonathan: Vanity, After

    As part of the master suite's redesign, Torche brings functionality to the room's closet area. Because of the time constraints, she opts for pre-fabricated closet solutions and paints the walls. This $1,854 investment added $4,900 in value.

  • Team Jonathan: Bedroom, Before

    Although spacious, the master bedroom needed some space planning and updated decor.

  • Team Jonathan: The Homeowners

    Homeowners Courtney and Richard are so happy to have a brand-new master suite. Their favorite part of the remodel? The bathroom with its rich, Spanish style.

  • Team Jonathan: The Judges' Take

    Kennon liked many of Team Jonathan's changes, but couldn't get past the unfinishd bathroom. \"As an agent, my only perspective is how I can sell this house, and I cannot sell this house because the bathroom is not done,\" Kennon states.

  • Team Drew: Three Contestants Left

    As winners of the appraisal challenge, Team Drew nabbed the first house. With an extra set of hands, Brett, Monica and David certainly have a leg up in this week's challenge.

  • Team Drew: Unfamiliar Territory

    Homeowners Chris and Laura had a disastrous contractor experience, leaving them with an unfinished, gutted master bathroom. Drew tells his team to focus on this room, as well as the master bedroom and walk-in closet.

  • Team Drew: David Tiles...Again

    In every challenge, David has installed tile because he's the only one on his team that knows how to. \"I feel my teammates are using me as a general contractor, but I put that all past me because I know what I can do and my general abilities,\" he says.

  • Team Drew: Entry, Before

    The Spanish bungalow featured flooring throughout and cold, white walls.

  • Team Drew: Entry, After

    The team immediately replaces the Spanish tile with rich hardwood floors that stretch throughout the bedroom, entryway and living room.

  • Team Drew: Bathroom, Before

    Before the contractor tore up the room, the bathroom simply featured a mismatched color scheme and outdated tile.

  • Team Drew: Bathroom, After

    The team invested $7,234 in the bathroom remodel, including shower tile, double sinks and floor tiles. The return? An added value of $15,000.

  • Team Drew: Bathroom Door, After

    A frosted glass sliding door at the bathroom's entrance adds a touch of modernity to the space.

  • Team Drew: Bathroom, After

    Double sinks are a major plus for the small bathroom and were on the homeowners' must-have list for the remodel.

  • Team Drew: Bathroom, After

    Originally Brett wanted to tile the room's walls, but with a three-day turnaround the team decided to create a sideboard with a small lip to house small accessories.

  • Team Drew: The Judges' Take

    Kennon voiced that Team Drew added value to the master bathroom, but felt some of the design decisions and workmanship were not on par. \"I love the color, I love the feeling, I love the double sinks, but I'm seeing some details that are really just poor quality,\" Kennon says.

  • Team Drew: Bedroom, Before

    One of the homeowners' top complaints prior to the remodel was their cold, lifeless bedroom. Team Drew immediately wants to splash paint on the walls and replace the Spanish tile with hardwood.

  • Team Drew: Bedroom, After

    An efficient furniture layout transforms the master bedroom and creates space for a brand-new sitting area.

  • Team Drew: Bedroom, After

    Monica invested $6,995 in the room's remodel, bringing an added value of $12,500 to the home.

  • Team Drew: Bedroom, After

    Originally, Monica painted the walls a light blue that dated the space 20 years. After Drew suggests she repaint, Monica goes for more modern shades of gray.

  • Team Drew: Closet, After

    The closet used to be cramped and cluttered. Monica's redesign and closet system creates an updated and spacious option for the couple. However, the new layout actually offers less storage than it did before. Monica invested $1,695 in the closet but added zero value with her updates.

  • Team Drew: The Homeowners

    Homeowners Chris and Laura love the warm, updated look in their home. They were most excited about the bathroom remodel, the double sinks being Laura's favorite part of the space.

  • Team Drew: The Judges' Take

    The judges agree the bedroom is the most impressive part of the remodel, particularly the addition of the hardwood floors. \"I would say that the best thing my team has done is the hardwood,\" Drew says. \"This is a great value increaser, and it's a great color. I think that this will show really well,\" Kennon replies.

  • Team Drew: Safe From Elimination

    Team Drew's home had a starting value of $1.135 million. In just three days, they added $28,000 in value, making the new list price $1.163 million. For the second week in a row, Team Drew is the challenge winner.

  • Team Jonathan: Elimination Time

    Team Jonathan added $16,000 in value to their home, increasing the list price from $850,000 to $866,000. This loss means Jonathan must send someone home.

  • Team Jonathan: Torche or Mark?

    The unfinished bathroom put both Torche and Mark on the chopping block. \"Not having this finished means losing. And losing means someone's going home,\" Torche says.

  • Team Jonathan: Goodbye, Mark

    Jonathan feels that Torche has confidently tackled any and all tasks — even with the flu. He decides to send Mark home, making Torche the only Team Jonathan contestant to head into the final challenge against Drew's team of three. See what Mark has to say about going home so close to the end.

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