Brother Vs. Brother Season 1: Photo Highlights From Episode 4

See the amazing results of the first Brother Vs. Brother two-part challenge.

  • A Four-Day Challenge (With a Twist)

    This time on Brother Vs. Brother, Drew and Jonathan offer a challenge with a twist: Both teams will have 4 days to renovate the homes. After the first two days, one member will be cut from each team. After the team member is cut, the work will need to be finished on each home by the remaining three team members.

  • The Appraisal Challenge

    The final four take on this week's appraisal challenge in a Los Angeles-area neighborhood with homes ranging from $480,000 to $1.2 million in value.

  • Crunching the Numbers

    After a quick walk through the 1,900-square-foot French cottage, each team offers their best guess. Team Drew puts the value at $759,000, while Team Jonathan estimates the property would be listed at just $699,000.

  • Team Drew's First Appraisal Win

    Team Drew takes their first appraisal win! They were $86,000 under the actual starting value of $845,000.

  • Team Jonathan: Four Left

    Team Drew decides to keep the appraisal challenge property, sending Jonathan's team to a 1923 duplex conversion (now a single family home) with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 1,961 square feet. The property's starting value is $710,000.

  • Team Jonathan: Torche's Fireplace Feature

    Torche decides to focus on the home's living area. Her main focus: Transforming the room's dated fireplace.

  • Team Jonathan: Painting 101

    Francis takes on the home's dining room, and his plan includes original, abstract artwork. \"I'm going to teach American how to properly paint,\" he says.

  • Team Jonathan: Inez or Francis?

    In the mid-challenge elimination, Inez and Francis are on the chopping block. While a team player, Inez mismanaged the budget, leaving no money for kitchen countertops. Jonathan wonders, however, if Francis can separate design from hard value.

  • Team Jonathan: Goodbye, Inez

    Her budget flub was enough to for Jonathan to send her home.

  • Team Drew: Four Left

    Back over on Team Drew, the team celebrates their appraisal win as they plot their French-style home's renovation.

  • Team Drew: Kitchen Capers

    Brett takes on the home's kitchen, which includes '80s-era tile and uninviting window bars. The team will also focus on the living room and laundry area.

  • Team Drew: Stackables, Please?

    Christy, in charge of the laundry room, pleads with budget-manager Monica for a stackable washer-dryer set, but the team decides it's not possible with their $25,000 budget.

  • Team Drew: Goodbye, Christy

    Without the stacking washer and dryer, Christy's laundry room design progress is slow and painful. Drew decides she's the right person to send home.

  • Day Three: Six Contestants Left

    With one woman down from each team, the remaining contestants have two days and what's left of their $25,000 budgets to finish both properties.

  • Guest Appraisers: Hilary and David

    Love It or List It hosts Hilary Farr and David Visentin will assess the value of both homes at the end of day four.

  • Team Jonathan: Francis' Kitchen Design

    Left with no countertops, Francis opts to install budget-friendly butcher block surfaces in the kitchen.

  • Team Jonathan: Trouble in Paradise

    Mark and Francis might look happy here, but things are a little rocky on Team Jonathan. Mark isn't on board with Francis' countertop choice, saying it will introduce \"too many wood tones.\"

  • Team Jonathan: Kitchen, Before

    Homeowners Matt and Anna are fed up with their extremely outdated kitchen. The tile countertops and old linoleum floors have to go.

  • Team Jonathan: Kitchen, After

    New cabinets, new countertops, new appliances and a stainless-steel backsplash transform this space. Inez spent $3,400 on new appliances.

  • Team Jonathan: Updated Backsplash

    A $600 investment on the stainless steel backsplash materials creates a modern, easy-to-clean surface.

  • Team Jonathan: Kitchen Island

    A new kitchen island adds extra storage space and a functional work area to this space. After a total investment of $9,183, the kitchen added a whopping $21,000 to this home's value.

  • Team Jonathan: Fireplace, Before

    This fireplace was tiled by the popular 1920s Batchelder Tile Company, so Jonathan asked Torche to leave this selling point intact.

  • Team Jonathan: Fireplace, After

    Instead of changing out the tile, Torche put her efforts into a focal point above the fireplace made of torched, reclaimed wood.

  • Team Jonathan: The Judges' Take

    \"I'm not convinced that those burnt timbers were the way to go. It's a bit stark,\" Hilary says. Torche invested $680 dollars in the space, but the new feature only added $900 in value.

  • Team Jonathan: New Floors

    The owners of this former duplex complained that the floor materials weren't cohesive. Mark took on the (time-consuming) project of installing new flooring. \"The floors have made a bold change to this property,\" Jonathan says. The $13,000 spent on the floors added $17,000 in value.

  • Team Jonathan: Dining Room, After

    Francis added furniture, a soft gray paint color and custom artwork to this dining space.

  • Team Jonathan: Francis' Art

    \"The pieces of art...the colors are terrific and it makes the space interesting,\" Hilary says. With $480 invested in the space, Francis' improvements added just $1,100 in value.

  • Team Jonathan: The Homeowners

    Homeowners Anna and Matt pose in their finished space.

  • Team Jonathan: The New Appraisal

    The home's starting value was $710,000. After Team Jonathan's improvements, the home is now worth $752,000. \"That's pretty good for four days work,\" Jonathan says.

  • Team Drew: The Kitchen, Before

    This truly-hideous kitchen was stuck in the 1980s. Homeowners Rachel and Avi say: \"This tile is just awful. You can't even put something on top of it. It's just off-balance. This just really, really has to go.\"

  • Team Drew: Kitchen, After

    Brett spent $14,600 on this room and reaped an incredible $29,350 in added value. New, cheery cabinets added loads of additional storage here.

  • Before: 1980s Countertops

    The horrible tile countertops in this space really decreased its appeal and value.

  • Team Drew: Kitchen Countertops, After

    Brett chose durable quartz countertops made to look like concrete for the space's new countertops. But guest appraiser Hilary wasn't as keen on the shottily-constructed backsplash.

  • Team Drew: Eat-in-Kitchen, Before

    The dated kitchen seating area needed to travel to this century.

  • Team Drew: Eat-In Kitchen, After

    A new table, new upholstery and a statement light fixture create an updated, inviting breakfast nook.

  • Team Drew: Laundry Room, Before

    Homeowners Rachel and Avi have a space problem in this laundry room. Before the makeover, they couldn't even open their washer without hitting the cabinetry above.

  • Team Drew: Laundry Room, After

    After the team finally found a used stackable washer-dryer at a reasonable price, this space finally came together. After a $2,890 investment, this room added $5,250 in value. Both Hilary and David agreed, however, that the open shelves called attention to the lack of storage space.

  • Team Drew: Fireplace, Before

    This dated fireplace didn't make an impact in the home's living room.

  • Team Drew: Fireplace and Living Room, After

    New gray walls, white trim and custom finishes bring skyrocket this front room's value. \"The room you walk into first is extremely sets the tone for the rest of the house,\" David says.

  • Team Drew: Living Room, After

    David spent $5,827 updating this space with new paint, moldings and furniture. He added $15,400 in value.

  • Team Drew: Living Room Moldings

    \"The moldings really call attention to the room's high ceilings,\" Hilary says.

  • Team Drew: Judges' Reaction

    Before the renovation, this home was work $845,000. After Team Drew's work, the new value is $895,000 — a $50,000 improvement!

  • Team Drew: The Happy Homeowners

    Homeowners Rachel and Avi pose in their redesigned living space.

  • Congratulations, Team Drew!

    They're the winner of this challenge, adding just $5,000 more value than their competitors on Team Jonathan. This is their second challenge win.

  • Goodbye, Francis

    A loss means Jonathan has to send someone home. Francis struggled with the distinction between aesthetics and hard value, leaving Jonathan to send him packing. Watch to see what Francis has to say about going home.

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