Brother Vs. Brother Season 1: Photo Highlights From Episode 2

How much value can you add to a house in 48 hours? Drew and Jonathan challenged their teams to find out in the Brother Vs. Brother weekend warrior test.

Brother Vs. Brother: The Second Test

The ultra-competitive Scott brothers go head-to-head once more this week. The challenge? Add the most value to a home in just 48 hours. Team Drew won the competition's first challenge, giving them an advantage going into week two.

Team Drew

After last week's win, Drew's team has all five original members: Oliver, Brett, Monica, Christy and David.

Team Jonathan

Jonathan's team has to do more with less after losing one contestant during last week's episode. The remaining teammates, clockwise from back left: Mark, Torche, Francis and Inez.

Appraisal Challenge

Each team gets five minutes to walk through a house, then estimate its value. Team Drew estimates the value of the home is $530,000, while Team Jonathan bids a little lower at $520,000. Team Jonathan came closer to the actual value of the home, $490,000, making them this week's winner.

Team Jonathan's House

After winning the appraisal challenge, Team Jonathan opts to remodel the first house, a five-bedroom, three-bathroom home built in 1959. They'll have 48 hours and a $15,000 budget.

Team Jonathan: Planning the Design

After Francis' disastrous paint color, the group decides this week's paint color choices should be a democracy. \"Should I puke now or later?\" Francis quips. \"This color does not represent me at all.\" It's just the first sign of rocky team dynamics on Jonathan's squad.

Team Jonathan: The Plan

The team decides to focus on two areas in the home: the sunroom and the master bedroom. Mark takes the lead on the biggest project, a three-sided partial wall with built-in shelving that will live in the master bedroom space.

Team Jonathan: Sunroom, Before

Team Jonathan focuses on three areas of the home: The sunroom and the master bedroom. Torche and Inez take on the home's barely-functional sunroom. Before, this no-purpose space was cluttered with sports equipment.

Team Jonathan: Sunroom, After

Torche added cork flooring to the multi-purpose room to create a surface more conducive to exercise. Essential sports equipment lives in the corner without disrupting the flow of the room.

Team Jonathan: Sunroom, After

Bright, neutral paint and an added seating area give this room a use outside of the homeowners' daily workout. After investing about $6,600 in the space, the improvements added $13,000 in value to this room.

Team Jonathan: Master Suite, Before

Homeowners Anne and Peter Chung requested that two small bedrooms — their current master bedroom plus a smaller guest space — be combined into a luxurious master suite.

Team Jonathan: Master Suite, After

A purple-gray paint color paired with neutral furnishings and sofa accessories makes this a relaxing retreat.

Team Jonathan: Master Suite, Before

The sleeping area in the old master bedroom lacked style and space.

Team Jonathan: Master Suite, After

Opening up the wall between what was previously two rooms creates a spacious suite that adds loads of value to the property. After a $6,920 investment, the space raises the home's potential list price by $16,390.

Team Jonathan: Master Suite Shelving

Originally meant to be a two-sided fireplace, Mark created open shelving on the room's half-wall as an alternative. Since the team rushed to finish the wall, several craftsmanship mistakes slightly decreased the room's value.

Team Jonathan: The Reveal

Homeowners Peter and Anne smile in their newly-renovated master suite. Their favorite part of the remodel? They love being able to watch TV from their spacious bedroom.

Team Drew: The House

After losing the appraisal challenge, Team Drew gains possession of a nearby four-bedroom, three-bathroom home that clocks in at about 2100 square feet. They'll have the same $15,000 budget.

Team Drew: The Design Plan

Homeowners Pernelle and Shaun request an updated kitchen along with spruce-ups around the house. The team opts to freshen the kitchen, dining room, living room, entryway and bathroom with midcentury modern touches, like this avocado (!!!) paint chosen by Brett.

Team Drew: Kitchen, Before

This dated kitchen was way too brown. A cabinet update and new countertops are on the design wishlist for homeowners Shaun and Pernelle.

Team Drew: Kitchen, After

Monica chose new hardware and fresh, modern paint color to bright these cabinets into the 21st century. She spent just $100 on paint, but the result is almost like a whole new set of cabinets.

Team Drew: Kitchen Tile Backsplash

Despite it being Monica's first time laying tile, guest appraiser Kennon Earl considered this addition one of the room's best. Her materials cost about $815.

Team Drew: Kitchen, Before

The dated tile countertops were literally crumbling prior to the Brother Vs. Brother renovation.

Team Drew: Kitchen, After

The team's biggest splurge was the $6,600 price tag for the bright, new quartz countertops. But the investment paid off: After spending $7,515, the kitchen added $14,500 of value to the home.

Team Drew: Dining Room, Before

Homeowner Pernelle's one request for the dining room? Get rid of the dated wallpaper.

Team Drew: Dining Room, After

Brett decided to swap one wallpaper for another in this home's dining space. He hung the stripes horizontally to give the room a modern feel.

Team Drew: Wallpaper Woes

Brett's first time hanging wallpaper didn't go so well. Each sheet ended up with its own set of creases, tears and cracks, leaving judge Kennon Earl to knock off some of the room's value-adding potential. Still, after investing about $1,460, Brett added about $2,000 in return.

Team Drew: Bathroom, Before

The dated tile vanity and shower kept this bathroom stuck in the last century.

Team Drew: Bathroom, After

A few small updates -- like a new glass tile floor and a brand new commode -- make this dated room feel wholly modern.

Team Drew: Bathroom Tile

David replaced the shower's damaged floor with new glass tile for just $120.

Team Drew: Bathroom Double Vanity

David spent $1,150 on the modern double vanity, an investment guest appraiser Kennon Earl thinks was well worth it. \"I'm in love with this whole vanity and sink,\" Kennon says.

Team Drew: Repurposing 101

The team moved the mirror originally in the master bathroom into one of the home's other bathrooms. The space got a new look — for free!

Team Drew: Living Room, After

Oliver spent almost $3,000 to add midcentury flair to the living room space, but his odd furniture layout led Kennon Earl to pronounce $0 in added value.

Team Drew: Fireplace, After

Remember Brett's avocado green paint? Here's the finished product. Paired with Oliver's creamy beige walls, this monstrosity actually subtracted about $3,500 in value from this home since this room is a buyer's first impression.

Team Drew: Homeowner Reveal

Despite some tears and cracks, homeowner Pernelle thinks Brett's new wallpaper is a vast improvement over the previous busy, 1960s pattern.

Congratulations, Team Jonathan

Team Jonthan's home had a starting value of $490,000. In just two days, they added more than $30,000 in value, making its new list price $510,000. It's their first Brother Vs. Brother win.

Team Drew's Results

Team Drew added just $25,000 in value to their home, taking the home from a $490,000 value to the $515,000 range. That means one of Jonathan's crew is on the chopping block.

Goodbye, Oliver!

Oliver's bad furniture arrangements and unwillingness to help the rest of the team made Drew say, \"Sayonara.\" See what Oliver has to say about going home.

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