Look Inside HGTV's 2013 Smart Home

The new HGTV Smart Home can cook, unlock the door and even draw a bath! HGTV Magazine shows you how it works.

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David A. Land

Sunshine State Smart Home

HGTV’s Smart Home is a 2,400-square-foot shingled house in Jacksonville Beach, Fla., equipped with state-of-the-art features you can control with your tablet or smartphone. Want to turn on the AC while you’re at work? Forgot to lock the door? There are apps for that. Says house planner Jack Thomasson, \"It means less planning ahead, more timesaving and better peace of mind.\" For more info and to enter for a chance to win visit hgtv.com/smart-home.

David A. Land

Remote Lights

Uh-oh! The garage lights are on and you’re pulling out of the driveway. Use an app to shut them off without leaving the car.

David A. Land

Remote Security

With 10 cameras installed by the front and back doors, you’re able to take a peek outside or inside the house by checking your tablet or smartphone.

David A. Land

Remote Door Locks

Not a problem if your kid forgets his keys after school — you can unlock the door with an app.

David A. Land

Induction Cooktop

Put a pot anywhere on this magnetic stovetop and it instantly heats up only under that pot. When you’re done cooking, the heat shuts off as soon as you remove it.

David A. Land

Auto Sink

Fingers yucky from touching raw meat? Wave your hands below the spout and get a quick burst of water. Or wave above the faucet when you want a steady stream to fill a pot.

David A. Land

High-Tech Microwave

Make a pizza or bake a cake in this convection microwave — it crisps food like an oven, only speedier, and it still makes popcorn, too!

David A. Land

Water Thermostat

Program your ideal shower temp and water pressure so it's the same every time you step in.

David A. Land

Tub Faucet Shutoff

Turn on the tub but don’t stand over it while it fills up. A sensor lets the faucet know when the water should shut off.

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