Bold Bedrooms

Bold bedrooms are big right now. Take a cue from these rooms and see how you can imbue your space with a bright hue and a major dose of personality.

  • HGTV Green Home 2011 Girls Room

    Pretty in Pink

    Window dressings include cellular shades and Roman blinds in a neutral shade to temper bright-pink elements in this room. Design: Linda Woodrum

  • Chic Stripes

    Although tight on square footage, the homeowner made the most of her bedroom by opting for a full size bed, then pairing it with clear acrylic side tables that don't take up any visual space. Design: Brian Patrick Flynn

  • Graphic Teal

    After a one-week redesign, this master bedroom received a major overhaul with minimal mess and disruption. To lighten and brighten the room, the dingy carpet and padding were both removed in four-foot strips before a whitewashed wood laminate floating floor was installed atop the subfloor. The walls were painted a bold shade of teal along with a multi-tone tray ceiling. When originally asked what they wanted their updated bedroom to look like, the homeowners stated, \"We want bright and cheery. Even though it's a bedroom, we still want it bright. And graphic.\" Design: Brian Patrick Flynn

  • Red Accents

    Prior to a makeover, this master bedroom was in contractor-grade condition, from its neutral carpet to the beige paint on its walls. Taking inspiration from its colorful abstract art, the room received a new identity with shades of blue accented with fire-engine red. Design: Brian Patrick Flynn

  • Deep Purple

    To make what was a juvenile girl's room more appropriate for a growing tween, its walls were painted a deep shade of violet, album cover-inspired art was hung to create a focal point, vintage lighting was installed on the ceilings and the walls, and women's fashion fabrics were used in upholstered accents. Design: Brian Patrick Flynn

  • Toy Story

    Disney?Pixar's Toy Story series served as inspiration for the bedroom design, punctuated by bright colors, interesting patterns and toys galore. Design: Linda Woodrum

  • Rich Red Master Bedroom

    Romantic Red

    Red silk walls and lush furniture give this bedroom a romantic feel. Design: Charles Neal

  • Comforting Environment

    Well balanced textures and fabrics help to create a comforting environment in this guest bedroom. Design: Katherine Vernot-Jonas/Photo: Angie Seckinger

  • Lively Bedroom

    Traditional and modern design are at harmony in this lively bedroom. Design: Marlaina Teich

  • Festive Bunks

    The exterior roof line creates an angled ceiling in this bright and festive room, where pillow fabric inspired furnishings and the room’s color palette. Custom-crafted bunk beds maximize floor space in this bright and festive room. Each bed features its own dedicated nautical-style reading light. The exterior roof line creates an angled ceiling. Design: Linda Woodrum

  • Deco Glam

    Black walls are made elegant with the addition of crisp white trim and furnishings and an ornate chandelier in this bedroom featured on HGTV's Color Splash. A green rug, colorful pillows and unusual artwork add visual interest, while the luxe headboard, nightstand and lamps add a touch of Art Deco glamour. Design: David Bromstad

  • Vibrant Personality

    The walls of this master bedroom were painted bright red to match the vibrant personality of the homeowner. Strips of fabric were draped across the canopy bed to add a feminine touch to the masculine-style furniture, as seen on HGTV's The High/Low Project. Design: Sabrina Soto

  • Dramatic Headboard

    This dramatic headboard is balanced by oversized artwork and a tall ceiling. Design: Jessie Miller

  • Elegant Contrast

    Elegant white linens and furniture stand in sharp but beautiful contrast to the deep navy walls in the pied-à-terre at the Atlanta Decorators Show House. Design: DES-SYN

  • Master Bedroom with a View

    Menswear Touches

    The walls of this bedroom are covered in pinstripe fabric, adding a subtle, menswear-inspired touch. The custom headboard is upholstered in white automotive vinyl. Design: Brian Patrick Flynn

  • Brown Bedroom With Paper Lantern

    Sophisticated Brown

    For a sophisticated look, brown is paired with gray and then metallic finishes are incorporated through accessories and details. Design: Brian Patrick Flynn

  • bedroom with green ladder

    Classic Combo

    Kelly green and fire-engine red are complementary colors that we most often associate with the holidays. To give this classic combo year-round utility, throw dark brown in the mix. Design: Brian Patrick Flynn

  • Red Wall Bedroom

    Jolt of Energy

    To add a jolt of energy to this otherwise minimalistic, neutral bedroom, the wall behind the bed was painted a shade of red from Dunn-Edwards called Red Contrast. This is an excellent design trick for homeowners who love red but find it too high-energy for a whole bedroom. Although the red wall becomes a focal point upon entering the room, it's out of sight once lying in bed. Design: Brian Patrick Flynn

  • Glamorous Teen Bedroom

    Pink & Paisley

    Richly-patterned paisley wallpaper, an ornate chandelier, and bright pink walls bring this modern bedroom to life. Design: Niche Interiors

  • Blue boys room

    Eye-Catching Complements

    In this designer bedroom, a copper-orange upholstered headboard and bed frame make an eye-catching debut among an otherwise white and indigo color palette. The hues complement each other and allow the white to create balance with contrast. Design: Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design

  • Bold Designs

    Make a statement in the most intimate space in your home with bold designs and bright hues. The striped wall treatment in the master bedroom of the HGTV Urban Oasis 2013 is inspired by the large white suspension posts of the Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge and draws the eye from the headboard across the ceiling and to the room's opposing wall. Design: Lindsay Pumpa

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