HGTV Urban Oasis 2011: Master Bedroom Pictures

A dramatic four-poster bed and decorative wall art, hand-painted by artist Michael Boudreault, are striking features of the cozy-chic master bedroom.

Wide Shot of Master Bedroom with Chicago City View

A queen-size, four-poster bed commands attention in a space designed as an escape from chilly Chicago days. “I thought it had a lot of character but was very clean-lined,” says interior designer Vern Yip.

Wall Lights Above Bed in Master Bedroom

Dramatic (and space-saving) resin wall sconces, designed by Barbara Cosgrove, add an exotic element. “I love the idea of having sconces on the wall for bedside lamps rather than taking up real estate on bedside tables,” says Vern.

Bedding Chosen for Urban Oasis Master Bedroom

A custom cotton sateen duvet and shams, designed by Vern, are piped in rich chocolate trim. Reversible items can be changed up each season.

Decorative Bed Pillow on Bed in Master Bedroom

The tapestry of textures in the master bedroom includes a long-haired Mongolian lambskin pillow, a cuddly bed topper.

Upholstered Headboard Detail in Master Bedroom

Both the headboard and bed panels are upholstered in a soft, neutral-toned cotton chenille.

Vintage Candelabra on Sewing Table Nightstand

A vintage candelabra, placed atop a sewing table-turned-nightstand, adds visual interest. “It was my tribute to the Swedish population of Chicago,” says Vern.

Master Bedroom Hand Painted Wall

Walls are hand-painted by fine artist Michael Boudreault, who worked in conjunction with Vern to perfect the size and scale of the design, inspired by iconic Chicago architecture. \"When you look at the Carson Scott Pirie Building, you see all these beautiful organic forms, these curves and counter curves,\" says Vern. \"I wanted to take that rich pattern and abstract it on our walls.\"

Low Pile, Recyclable Area Rugs in Master Bedroom

Low-pile, recyclable area rugs section off the bedroom into sleeping and seating areas.

Vintage Baker Walnut Dresser Offer Storage Drawers

Vintage Baker dressers in walnut offer 12 drawers of storage. “I needed to have plenty of drawer space because Michigan Avenue is stocked with some of the best stores in the country,” says Vern.

Upclose Look at Inside Master Bedroom Closet

A walk-in closet, at the entry to the master bedroom, features both shelf space and hanging rods. Interior walls share the living room’s vibrant paint color.

 Upclose Look at Master Bedroom Closet with Robes

Extra-plush bath robes lend spa style to the master suite.

Vintage Japanese Woodblock Print

Vintage Japanese woodblock prints that grace the entrance to the master bedroom reference the Prairie School. \"Frank Lloyd Wright was so inspired by Japanese design that he became one of the country's largest collectors of Japanese woodblock prints,\" says Vern.

Upclose Look at Garden Cloches in Master Bedroom

A trip to the annual Chicago Botanic Garden Antiques & Garden Fair produced two garden cloches, one filled with birdwing butterflies and one filled with antique game-bird eggs. “Again, it’s a reference back to Chicago’s tie with nature,” says Vern.

 Upclose Look at Cast Cement Garden Sprites

Cast-cement garden sprites stand sentry atop custom-built mahogany pedestals. The figures are reproductions of Frank Lloyd Wright’s original designs for Chicago's Midway Gardens.

Antique Ingraham Self Starting Mantel Clock

A rosewood secretary houses a collection of books, an antique toolbox and an Ingraham self-starting mantel clock, salvaged from a Chicago ice cream parlor.

Ingraham Self Starting Mantel Clock

Storytelling is paramount to Vern’s design scheme. “I always look at HGTV Urban Oasis as being a celebration of all the things that are special and unique about that particular city,” says Vern.

Aluminum and Mango Wood Side Table

An aluminum and mango wood, milking-stool-style side table doubles as a pedestal to display a postcard-filled trinket box. \"It’s fun to open the box up and read what somebody wrote years ago and look at this old image of Chicago,\" says Vern.

View of Downtown Chicago from Master Bedroom

The bedroom window overlooks Chicago’s Riverwalk. From April through November, visitors board Chicago’s First Lady at the southeast corner of the Michigan Avenue Bridge to enjoy the city’s famed Architecture Foundation River Cruise.

Twin Sleeper Sofa in Master Bedroom

A twin sleeper sofa, upholstered in performance velvet, accommodates an overnight guest. An air mattress stowed in the foyer closet provides space for one additional guest.

Chicago City View from Urban Oasis Bedroom

Motorized window blinds, controlled via a remote, allow the user to control light and solar gain throughout the day.

Millenium Park Artwork from Master Bedroom

Millennium Park, Opening Night, Downtown Chicago, an aerial photograph by famed Chicago artist photographer Terry Evans, commands attention in its spot above the sofette. \"I wanted to have that special moment really captured in that photography,\" says Vern.

Lattice Print Decorative Pillows in Master Bedroom

The sofette is customized with lattice-print pillows that echo the design of the bed duvet.

Wide Shot of Master Bedroom on Urban Oasis 2011

The room’s second framed photograph — the work by aerial photographer Alex MacLean — showcases Chicago’s Buckingham Fountain. \"The common thread that ties those pieces of art together is capturing special Chicago moments, and the Buckingham Fountain is such a Chicago icon,\" says Vern.

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