12 Plantscaping Ideas for Decks and Patios

Create a plush patio or deck with container gardens and perimeter plantings that accentuate the space.

  • Container Topiaries Ideally Suited for Small Space

    Spiral topiaries and boxwoods, all in pots, frame the entrance to this open deck. Container-grown trees and shrubs are good choices for small spaces.

  • Patio Garden Containers

    Varying the type of containers you use produces an infinite range of possibilities for a patio. Rustic pots filled with ornamental grasses or a topiary in a Versailles tub can help create a personal design scheme for your home.

  • Ornamental Plant-Filled Garden Urn

    Choose a creative container for porch or patio. Check out pros and cons of different materials and designs and create exciting displays using a variety of plants. All containers need drainage for healthy plants.

  • Plants for Patio Containers

    Patio containers require plants that meet specific height and sun requirements. When buying plants, also check for soil preference, sun or shade needs and hardiness ratings.

  • Shrubs Provide Shade, Privacy

    No privacy fence necessary here: The shrubs surrounding this patio protect it from wind and provide shade and privacy.

  • Scented Flowers Add Nostalgia to Garden Patio

    Pots of scented plants like lilies and lavender add an element of nostalgia to a garden patio.

  • Deck with Dining Table

    Beautiful plantings, colorful details and streamlined simplicity accent this Asian-style dining area, designed by Jane Ellison.

  • Cluster of Container Gardens

    Container gardening can bring out the designer in you. Not limited by stationary plants rooted in the ground, you can mix and match textures, foliage, flowers and color and move them around until you're satisfied with the look.

  • In a Sedona-inspired landscape designed by Jamie Durie, an arrangement of colorful containers does the year-round work of maintaining color for this mostly succulent garden.

  • Metal Container with Foliage Plants

    Metal is a popular choice for containers because it is so versatile. Metal containers come in a variety of shapes and styles, from contemporary designs to rustic cottage styles. They will rust, so choose galvanized to prevent rusty stains.

  • Aquatic Plants in Container

    Aquatic plants like brass buttons (Cotula coronopifolia), arrowhead (Sagittaria sagittifolia) and 'Moorei' hardy water lily thrive in these water-filled containers.

  • Stylish Suspended Canopy

    This urban roof garden has it all — a place to relax and plenty of privacy, all with a touch of cottage style. Still, planting is minimal and restricted to containers, complementing the cushions on the benches.

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