Innovative Design Ideas for Stunning Decks

Whether traditional or super-chic, a deck can make or break an outdoor space. Here, get tips on how you can take your deck to the next level.

  • Pond With Wood Walkway

    Ahead of the Curve

    Designed by Jamie Durie, this deck is made up of undulating wooden planks, which create opportunities for ergonomic seating. The floating timber islands form stepping stones to get from one side to the other.

  • Vibrant Orange Chairs and Gray Balcony

    Outdoor Chic in the City

    Short wooden slats laid over the basic metal framework lend an organic feel to this urban deck. Throw in a couple of vibrant chairs and some potted plants and you have the coolest deck on the block.

  • pergola and wooden deck ready for al fresco dining

    Let the Party Begin

    Here, color transforms a bland deck into an environment bursting with energy. Red rails arch over the space to create an inviting setting, and mismatched furniture spices up the tablescape.

  • Glass Deck Ideal for Beautiful View

    Contemporary Deck

    The sleek, manicured look of the wood planks coordinates beautifully with the clean aesthetic of the existing metal and glass.

  • renovated deck results in updated dining space

    Anything But Ordinary

    Not everyone has the luxury of a spectacular view, but there are other ways to make an ordinary deck look fantastic — like dressing up the space with a few fun stencils. The design on this deck's surface adds interest and movement.

  • Outdoor Wood Deck with Cabana and Seating

    When in Doubt, Go Neutral

    This cozy outdoor retreat offers a comfortable haven, rain or shine. Base neutrals riddled with flashes of color blend with the wood tones to create a space that's easy on the eyes. Bold stripes and neutral solids complement the linear nature of the metal furniture.

  • Contemporary Outdoor Rooms With Swing

    A Daybed to Remember

    A fabulous swinging daybed provides resting space near the kitchen and dining counter on this contemporary urban deck. A grade-level planter adds year-round greenery. The arborvitae will fill out to create a green wall. Design by Adam Miller

  • Enormous Fun

    In this amazing makeover by landscape designer Ahmed Hassan for HGTV'd, a custom deck doubles the family's available living space. Under the cedar pergola, custom daybeds invite serious lounging (and napping).

  • Deck with Ample Seating

    Naturally Pretty

    A color palette of earthy browns and vibrant greens plus invisible doors connect interior spaces to this contemporary deck, creating an expanded living space. Design by Linda Sullivan.

  • Deck Furniture Illuminated by Low Lying Lamps

    Cozy Lighting

    Well-chosen lighting gives this deck a dreamy quality. Outdoor rooms used for relaxation and entertaining can be lit in a similar way to indoors with low-level lamps and mini spots to highlight decorative elements.

  • outdoor room Jamie Durie Seattle

    Floating Roof

    A set of folding glass doors is the only thing dividing indoors and the outside. The floating roof, suspended between two giant trees, shades the inviting deck. A sunken deck for dining and shade-loving plants completes this Seattle-inspired design by Jamie Durie.

  • Destination Deck

    In a gorgeous hardscape design by Jamie Durie, a swim (or a walk) to the other side of the pool rewards you with this beautiful away-from-home setting.

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