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Indoor/Outdoor Serving Buffet

Give any dresser new life as a mobile, indoor/outdoor serving buffet.

Brian Patrick Flynn,
Vintage Sign

Materials Needed:

  • wood or metal dresser
  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • drill
  • wood or metal screws
  • lumber
  • casters
  • drop cloth
  • art
  • masonry nail
  • hammer
  • exterior spray paint
  • sandpaper
  • sanding block

Step 1: Remove Drawers

Lay drop cloth out over flat, level work area. Remove drawers from dresser. Turn dresser upside-down.

Remove Drawers from Sideboard

Step 2: Sand the Finish

Using sandpaper and sanding block, sand the body, top and drawers.

Step 3: Paint

Apply spray paint in two even coats. Allow to dry between applications.

Colorful Art for Sideboard

Step 4: Add Reinforcement

Place two pre-cut strips of lumber inside the bottom of dresser. Fasten lumber to frame with wood or metal screws using drill.

Step 5: Attach Casters

Use tape measure to determine depth and width of dresser. Mark proper placement for casters with pencil. Using drill, attach wood or metal screws directly through caster attachment holes and into bottom of dresser.

Attach Casters to Sideboard
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