Stylish Contemporary Containers

Glamorous and chic containers transform a patio into a catwalk for plants.

Excerpted from How to Grow Practically Everything
  • Simple Aluminum Pots Transform Terrace

    These simple aluminum pots of different sizes are filled with clipped cryptomeria and a golden dwarf juniper.

  • Rusty Metal Plant Container

    Rusted metal is at the height of fashion, and carries off this mop-head of 'Totnes Burgundy' love grass to perfection.

  • black stainless steel container for summer pastels

    A black stainless steel container provides a great contrast to pastel summer bedding plants.

  • Modular Square Garden Pots with Boxwood and Marigolds

    Modular square pots, handmade from cement boards bracketed together, sprayed with metallic bronze clear finish and sealed with a waterproof sealant, create a funky group of boxwood balls and bright marigolds.

  • Black Garden Pots with Foliage Plants

    This trio of glazed earthenware containers provides a chic, understated home for the bold, green, textured foliage plants.

  • Funnel-Shaped Metal Pot

    This metal pot is set on a stabilizing plate, which can be camouflaged with gravel to give the illusion of a gravity-defying cone.

  • Cozy Deck

    Perfect for a deck or natural stone patio, these tall clay pots have been fired to a high temperature to make them frost-proof.

  • coated copper retains subtle color for plantings

    Coated copper retains its subtle color; this elegant bowl mirrors the metallic shades of the cannas, while creating a foil for the ferns.

Excerpted from How to Grow Practically Everything

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