Fountains and Waterfalls

The soothing sight and sound of bubbling water can add ambiance to your outdoor living space and mask unwanted noise. Here are some ideas of how to incorporate some natural "music" in your backyard.

  • Small Fish in a Big Pond

    Serious Water Feature

    RMSer watergardengirl says it took a year to build this series of waterfalls and 30' x 18' pond next to their deck. \"We hauled 60 tons of rock from 150 miles away,\" she says.

  • Fountain With Tile Wall

    Fire and Water

    In this contemporary design by Mitch Kalamian, the fountain-and-fire feature exudes an Asian flair.

  • Fairchild blue floor

    Recycling More Than Water

    Sustainability is at its best with recycled tile and glass and porous gravel flooring in this Mediterranean courtyard. Design by Katrina Leonidov Fairchild

  • River Rock Waterfall

    A Feast for the Senses

    This three-tiered waterfall takes advantage of a sloped backyard, connecting a formal outdoor dining area above with a second patio below. Design by Katrina Leonidov Fairchild

  • Outdoor Wall Water Fountain

    Simply Elegant

    Copper and stone create this minimalist fountain, designed by Sierra Hart.

  • Contemporary Water Feature

    In the Flow

    Landscape architect Chad Robert says this outdoor space was designed to \"blend visually stimulating and calming elements at the same time to create thought-provoking social spaces.\"

  • soothing mediterranean styled fountain

    New Life for Classic Columns

    Existing columns from the home's exterior were repurposed to create this French-themed fountain. A dark stone backdrop completes the look. Design by Mitch Kalamian

  • stunning blue tiled fountain highlights terrace

    Turning Up the Volume

    Designed by Scott Cohen, this Mediterranean-inspired double fountain and bubbler provides a cooling oasis for this patio.

  • Decorative Stone Water Feature

    Colorful Fountain

    Colored glass provides the finishing touch for this mosaic-style stone fountain, as seen on Yard Crashers.

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