Outdoor Designer Lap Pools

These lap pools are not only easy on the eye but also ideal for an exercise enthusiast's daily swim. Take a dip in these full-size designer swimming pools.

  • distinctive tiling featured in pool design

    Mirrored Reflection

    A simple pool surround allows the mirrored water to create a dramatic effect in this full-size swimming pool. Design by Robert Hursthouse.

  • Pool, Hot Tub Overlook Ocean

    Seaside Swimming

    Designer Madelyn Simon pairs this seaside swimming pool with an underground pool spa.

  • Green Surround

    This green backyard houses a full-size pool with enough room for swimming laps.

  • Entertainment Spot

    This long, narrow pool, from The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie, is ideal for entertaining guests.

  • A Pool With a View

    Quiet Enclosure

    Designer Erinn Valencich creates a quiet enclosed pool area with simple surrounding decor.

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