Dreamy Decks We Adore

Browse these inspired outdoor gathering spots and collect ideas for your own backyard.

  • Create a Destination

    Decks don't have to be attached to the house; they can lead to new vistas, private retreats and little nooks in the garden.

  • Up on the Roof

    Dreamy Urban Deck

    This ipe deck includes a custom powder-coated steel planter with native and drought-resistant perennials and shrubs. Design by Groundworks, Inc.

  • Glass Deck Ideal for Beautiful View

    Emphasizing the View

    The view was the foremost design factor in this elegant deck. Gardens designed by Madelyn Simon

  • Dream Home 2012 backyard

    Dreamy Deck

    At HGTV Dream Home 2012, the entertainment deck features a spa with a view of Utah's wide-open spaces.

  • Deck with Ample Seating

    Naturally Pretty

    A color palette of earthy browns and vibrant greens plus invisible doors connect interior spaces to this contemporary deck, creating an expanded living space. Design by Linda Sullivan

  • Deck Furniture Illuminated by Low Lying Lamps

    Cozy Lighting

    Outdoor rooms used for relaxation and entertaining can be lit in a similar way to indoors with low-level lamps and mini spots to highlight decorative elements.

  • Adaptable Deck

    This versatile outdoor space offers three different types of entertaining areas, depending on the weather: a gathering spot around the fire pit, a deck for sunny afternoons and an enclosed gazebo. Design by Robert Hursthouse

  • Blending Naturally

    Steep terrain needn't be a deterrent to outdoor living. This amazing multi-level deck provides plenty of space for relaxing and entertaining, yet stays in tune with the rugged woodsy environs.

  • Country Lounging

    This warm redwood deck pops against the bright colored pergola. Add whimsy with hanging and crawling plants in a variety of colors and a wall of floating windows. Design by Claudia Schmutzler

  • Cottage-Style Porch

    This late 19th century home was completely refurbished, including a beautiful private porch that overlooks magnificent landscaping. A comfortable seating area complements the space and an outdoor rug anchors the primary seating area. Design by Ron Nathan

  • Striking Spiral Topiary

    Dress It Up With Plants

    Whether you have a plaza or a micro-courtyard, consider well-placed, colorful container gardens your best decorating tool.

  • Contemporary Elements

    Warm, natural elements like redwood, brick and plants make this outdoor space cozy. The custom brick pizza oven adds an element of fun to the space, which is perfect for family gatherings. Design by Claudia Schmutzler

  • Cabana with striped sofa

    Cozy Cabana

    An octagonal cabana makes a cozy spot for cold drinks and watching sunsets. Design by Barry Dixon

  • A Bit of Bohemian

    In an artistic couple's backyard, Jamie Durie created three pergolas for dining and lounging spaces. Each structure has a macrame roof made of hand-dyed ropes, from which baskets of flowers and foliage hang.

  • Container Garden Featured on HGTVd 103

    Vegetable Boardwalk

    For a couple who wanted a garage remodel so they can develop their cooking-school-for-kids business, Jamie Durie created a \"vegetable boardwalk\" as part of the larger makeover. The vertical gardens greatly expand the amount of produce the couple can grow, and edibles are near the kitchen for easy care and harvest.

  • Deck Area with Turf Grass

    Sunbathing in the City

    The city seems like a world away in this urban rooftop garden, designed by Adam Miller. Artificial turf surrounds the pergolas.

  • Sleek Outdoor Space

    Taking Indoors Outside

    Modern, minimalist items made of steel and synthetic mesh fabric add style to this contemporary design and blur the line between inside and outside. Here, only glass doors separate the house and garden.

  • Contemporary Lounge

    These neutrals work together to create a sleek and cozy outdoor space. The warm redwood deck and pergola are accented with creamy neutrals in the furniture and stone elements like the fire pit and walls. Design by Claudia Schmutzler

  • Sky-High Terrace

    Terraced levels feature a small hot tub, amazing city views and even a potting shed. Design by Jeff Tohl

  • Moveable Seating

    Designed by Jamie Durie, this seating area — complete with its own shade — can be moved around the deck as needed.

  • HGTV Green Home 2011 Glass Table and Deck Accents

    Permanent Shade

    A cantilever roof with natural cedar underside partially shades the dining area on the HGTV Green Home 2011 deck and adds interest to the outdoor space.

  • Deck with Dining Table

    Natural Oasis

    Beautiful plantings, colorful details and streamlined simplicity accent this Asian-style dining area, designed by Jane Ellison.

  • Bamboo Screen Contained in Cubes Provides Privacy

    Bamboo Screening

    Decking creates a warm tactile surface, which is ideal for city or roof gardens. Here the bamboo plants are contained within simple cubes or box planters that screen this private space.

  • HGTV Dream Home 2011 Magnificent Views Back Deck

    Mountain Views

    At HGTV Dream Home 2011, ample decking provides plenty of places to relax and enjoy the mountain views.

  • Mediterranean Dining

    This deck was extended to provide ample space for a dining table near the luxurious infinity pool. Design by Jamie Durie

  • Contemporary Outdoor Rooms With Swing

    A Daybed to Remember

    A fabulous swinging daybed provides resting space near the kitchen and dining counter on this contemporary urban deck. A grade-level planter adds year-round greenery. The arborvitae will fill out to create a green wall. Design by Adam Miller

  • outdoor room Jamie Durie Seattle

    Floating Roof

    A set of folding glass doors is the only thing dividing indoors and the outside. The floating roof, suspended between two giant trees, shades the inviting deck. A sunken deck for dining and shade-loving plants completes this Seattle-inspired design by Jamie Durie.

  • Creekside Retreat

    This timber pergola provides a restful oasis beside a creek. Rock walls and plants help define the space. Design by Dan Berger

  • Building Green

    One of the eco-friendly elements of HGTV Green Home 2012 is the barbecue courtyard. Born of architect Steve Kemp's vision for a truly green design, the outdoor space replaces the conventional backyard, which would have required major regrading of the site and the construction of retaining walls. \"Now the 'yard' is open to almost every room in the house, rather than being open to one or two rooms,\" he says.

  • Stylish Suspended Canopy

    Country in the City

    This urban roof garden has it all — a place to relax and plenty of privacy, all with a touch of cottage style. Still, planting is minimal and restricted to containers, complementing the cushions on the benches.

  • Cozy Suburban Backyard Deck

    Tiny Retreat

    Space is a premium in this urban garden, so designer Sam Joyce used the minimalist approach in this beautiful retreat. Built-in seating and just enough plants to make a statement keep the clutter down. Sam left room for additional chairs to be brought out from the house when necessary.

  • Enormous Fun

    In this amazing makeover by landscape designer Ahmed Hassan, a custom deck doubles the family's available living space. Under the cedar pergola, custom daybeds invite serious lounging (and napping).

  • Fun on Every Level

    The deck provides a bird's-eye view of the multiple play areas and lounging options in this gorgeous hardscape, perfect for relaxing and entertaining. Rock columns on the deck perimeter help unify the look.

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