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Las Vegas Luxury

This multi-million-dollar custom home needed an ultimate backyard.

A multi-million-dollar custom home, on a golf course, with a view of the Las Vegas strip, is only missing one thing: an ultimate backyard. Located in Henderson, Nevada, this 25' x 20' space went extreme with luxury entertaining, from a fire pit in the middle of the pool to a swim-up outdoor bar.

"The space was really tight and there was a huge drop off," says landscape designer Damon Lang. The 8- to 9-foot drop off proved a challenge, but Lang restored function to the area with a series of retaining walls. Now an infinity pool blends into the sky, hiding the walls from view, which was the next place Lang turned his attention. "I fit my critical things into the design first," he says, taking into account essential views and optimum furniture layout before turning to the rest of the design. The whole project took nine months.

For the homeowners and Lang, it's all about outdoor entertaining. A large, outdoor dine-in area is steps up from the outdoor kitchen, which is equipped with a stainless steel barbecue, icemaker, refrigerator, blender and a cocktail pro for the ultimate beverage center. But with all the high-tech appliances packed into the space, it still remains sleek and uncluttered. A travertine tile floor seamlessly meets a colored, poured concrete kitchen countertop. Blue tile brightens up the whole look.

Two island planters, positioned near the two staircases leading to the second floor, give a touch of color with plants like day lilies, gazanias and dwarf lemon bottlebrush (Callistemon citrinus 'Little John'). Off to the side of the yard and over the outdoor kitchen, a California pepper tree offers shade. Lang used 36- and 24-inch box trees, like Carolina cherry trees and pineapple guavas, as well as 15- and 5-gallon shrubs and 1-gallon perennials to give the project a mature look.

Pricetag: $130,000 for landscaping, hardscaping, barbecue; about $200,000 for the pool

Landscape Designer:
Damon Lang began Green Planet Landscaping in 2001 and has since gained recognition for masonry and water features in the landscape. In 2005, Lang designed and built the "All-Star Kitchen Makeover with Bobby Flay" for the Food Network.


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