Contemporary Backyard Retreat

Landscape designer Scott Lucchettii creates a modern backyard for multiple outdoor functions, including cooking, entertaining and play space for kids.

  • Outdoor Living

    A terrace doesn't have to be purely rectangular. Zigzags add a rhythmic delight to the traditional backyard.

  • Functional Backyard Patio

    Just as with an indoor room, the outdoor living space is divided into zones for eating, cooking and conversing with a practical hardscape floor and plantings to soften it.

  • Casual Outdoor Seating

    Colorful seating and umbrellas add an important pop of color to the stucco house and gray terrace.

  • Lush Plantings

    To fit with the more casual mood, Lucchetti arranges the terrace slabs in an untraditional pattern. He also saves lawn around the concrete terrace as a soft border but also for children's play.

  • Dining Al Fresco

    Mimicking a low wall, evergreens frame a small seating grouping for intimate conversations or meals.

  • Flagstone Patio

    Keeping a tiny bit of space between some of the flagstone pavers allows them to double as a pathway within the terrace.

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