Lakeside Patio

Landscape designer James M. Drzewiecki redesigns a terrace, giving the homeowners and guests a front row perch at water's edge.

  • Before: Boring Patio

    The backyard and existing concrete patio were dated and overgrown, and the house was separated from the lake by an enormous yew hedge.

  • After: Lakeside Oasis

    The railing at almost water's edge and the brick banding add a sense of enclosure for diners, a nice detail that adds more of a room feeling.

  • Stunning Stonework

    Brick borders and bluestone are laid in an intricate, visually rich design.

  • Natural Gardens

    Flowers and grasses spill over onto the terrace for a more naturalistic touch rather than being tightly contained.

  • Outdoor Entertaining

    The circular dining terrace has front-row view of lake.

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