6 Stress-Free Hammocks

No matter the season, the rhythmic swing of a hammock can be a vacation from stress. Escape to your own backyard with these cool ideas on how and where to hang your hammock.

  • Ultimate Hanging Comfort

    In the middle of the hottest time of the year, let the summer breeze pick you up with a swing on this comfortable hammock. If you're looking to make your outdoor swinging bed more comfortable, try throwing a down comforter on top. It not only makes it more enticing but it'll let you enjoy your hammock in cooler weather, too!

  • Fairchild hammock

    Garden Escape

    Get lost in your head and your garden, too. Set up hammock-camp in the midst of your garden to truly feel like you can relax. Let the sound of the bugs, birds and breeze take you away.

  • Hammock Suspended Between Vanderwolf Pine Trees

    Finding Shade

    In the heat of the summer, take advantage of any shade you can get. Whether you have one tree or 1,000 trees in your backyard, let it shelter you from summer's overbearing sun.

  • hammocks welcome backyard relaxation

    A Touch of Color

    If you're looking to add color to your backyard, flowers aren't the only solution. Try adding a colorful woven hammock. Traditional woven hammocks allow for better air circulation while also conforming to the body.

  • Beachy Hammock Retreat

    If you already live in a place where others flock for vacation, it's that much easier giving your space a relaxing flair. This single-person hammock allows you to sit up while enjoying the beauty of what lies ahead.

  • Pergola Paradise

    Like daybeds and hammocks? This pergola combines the swing of a hammock with the structure of a bed to give you a daytime paradise.

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