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Stenciled Adirondack Chair

Spruce up your porch or patio by personalizing an ordinary Adirondack chair with letters or numbers.

Layla Palmer, The Lettered Cottage
Wooden Chair with Accent Pillow

Materials Needed:

  • Adirondack chair
  • letter or number printed on lightweight copy paper
  • pencil
  • painter's tape
  • measuring tape
  • exterior paint
  • fine-tipped artist's paintbrush
  • non-yellowing, aerosol wood sealer

Measure Chair Back

Use a measuring tape to determine the size of the letter or number.

Measure to Bottom of Stencil

Print Letter or Number

Use a program such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word or Gimp for Mac to print the letter or number of your choice. The letter or number should be printed in reverse so that it can be used as a stencil.

Tip: Local copy shops will also provide this service for a small fee.

Number Three Stencil

Check Size

Make sure the letter or number looks like it's the right size by holding the printout up to the chair back. If it's too large or too small, reprint it at the appropriate size.

Position Number Stencil on Adirondack Chair

Create Stencil

With the paper facing printed side up, use a pencil to scribble lead onto the entire border of the letter or number.

Use Pencil to Stencil

Tape Stencil to Chair

Use painter's tape to secure the stencil to the chair, printed side down. Make sure it's perfectly level by using the top edge of the piece of paper as a guide.

Add Numbers to Adirondack Chair

Transfer Stencil

Use a lead pencil to scribble onto the entire border of the letter or number. Press firmly so that the lead from the bottom side of the piece of paper will transfer onto the chair back.

Pencil Stencil Outline on Chair

Check Outline

Once the entire outline is transferred, gently lift one side of the paper to make sure the lead is visible on the chair. If certain areas aren't as visible as others, re-attach the tape and scribble on them until they are easier to see.

Peel Stencil from Chair Back

Darken Outline

Remove the paper stencil and use a lead pencil to make the transferred outline a little darker. That way, it will be very easy to see it when painting.

Retrace Stencil Outline in Pencil

Fill In With Paint

Using an artist's paintbrush, fill in the letter or number with exterior-grade paint.

Brush on Stencil Color

Seal Letter or Number

Protect the letter or number by coating it with a layer of clear, non-yellowing, aerosol wood sealer. Hold the can about 12 inches away from the chair and move it side-to-side in smooth, sweeping motions. Allow to dry.

Clear Wood Finish on Stenciled Paint
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