Cottage Daybeds, Hammocks and Sitting Spots

The cottage tour hosted by the Monteagle Sunday School Assembly Women's Association featured cozy nooks for napping, including daybeds, hammocks, hanging beds and swings.

  • Plush Perfection

    Adorned with shades of red, pink and orange, this comfy couch swings in the shade.

  • Hammock Haven

    The addition of the fluffy white comforter and dramatic red throw makes this hammock a great napping destination.

  • Pillow Paradise

    Tucked away, this window bench showcases delicate floral pillows for pattern-on-pattern prettiness.

  • Swing With Company

    In this screened-in porch, one has the choice of swinging solo or with company.

  • Cozy Slumbers

    Lit with natural light and white walls, this daybed beckons the summer napper.

  • Bedder Swing

    What better way to spend a summer night than swinging and sleeping outside?

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