Outdoor Rooms on a Budget: Our 10 Favorites From Rate My Space

If you're dreaming of an outdoor retreat but money is tight, get some great design ideas from these lovely and thrifty porches, patios, decks and gardens.

  • RMS user cobbcottage took this porch swing to the next level by covering it with a quilt and adding a coffee table found by a curbside. Antique jars filled with flowers and plenty of candles give this sweet space ambiance and style.
  • RMS user Tiki262 wanted an outdoor canopy bed but didn't have the space. What he decided to do was convert an existing double lounger into a canopy. The result: a custom, focal-point piece for about $50.
  • RMS user DeeSigning says she loves creating rooms that are almost free. DeeSigning saved money on this Victorian restoration by doing a lot of the work, including making cushions out of tablecloths.
  • If you have woodworking skills and tools, consider creating built-in furniture and a cover for your outdoor space. Take cues from this beautiful and functional porch by RMS user Designgal71.
  • Thinking outside the box can save you money in home design. For this outdoor room, RMS user mikedan1 used an inexpensive tarp as shade and closet doors as a screen.
  • If you want a sense of peace and tranquility in your outdoor space, add a water feature. RMS user AussieAngel created this lovely fountain using a solar water pump.
  • If you're able to construct custom furniture, consider making it serve double duty. RMS user jodwayne did just that with this coffee table which can convert to an outdoor dining table.
  • When thinking about how to beautify outdoor spaces, don't forget about your entryway. RMS user ericjlandry invested a little in his home's curb appeal and increased his home's value significantly.
  • Just because you rent doesn't mean you can't have a lovely outdoor space. RMS user single_mom_on_budget turned an empty apartment patio into a private cottage garden using plenty of plants, accessories and linens.
  • What's an easy way to save decorating dollars and help the environment? Reuse and recycle. RMS user santamaker added character and comfort to her outdoor room with these chairs which were headed to the landfill.
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