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Outdoor Kitchen Design

Mark Wilson of London Bay Homes explains the latest trends in outdoor kitchens.

Host Joan Kohn learns about the latest trends in outdoor kitchen design from Mark Wilson of London Bay Homes.

  • Indoor/outdoor living is an important component of home design in the Sunbelt. More than just a grill, outdoor kitchens also incorporate a bar and a living/dining room look and feel.

  • Accoutrements for the more elaborate outdoor kitchen might include the grill, a sink, dishwasher and wine refrigerator.

  • The most important consideration for the outdoor kitchen is orienting it to take advantage of views.

  • Outdoor spaces will have a focal point, often a fireplace, as well as additions like a television, sound system, upholstered furniture and full dining rooms.

  • Details like stone and marble elements, lighted coffers, elaborate lighting systems, ceiling beams and exterior art are popular for enhancing outdoor spaces.
  • The elements must always be taken into consideration when choosing materials for outdoor rooms. Cabinetry needs extra protection, and appliances like refrigerators and televisions have a life of only three to five years.

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