9 Clever Ways to Use Dollar Store Items as Planters

Put a quirky spin on container gardening with thrifty, repurposed items from your local variety store.

  • The sturdy construction and scale of Rubber Boots

    Rubber Boots

    Rubber boots make great planters for tall plants. Use a utility knife to cut penny-sized holes in the bottom of each boot for drainage. Line the boot bottoms with pebbles to help with drainage and weigh down the boots so they don't tip over.

  • Put a fun and festive spin on traditional serving

    Gravy Boat

    A ceramic gravy boat turns tableware into a surprising planter. Since these dishes are generally shallow, they're a perfect fit for small succulents. Line the bottom with gravel to help with drainage.

  • Low, rectangular shaped vessels are ideal for gras

    Tin Loaf Pan

    Low, rectangular vessels are ideal for grasses or cascading plants. Use a drill with a 1/8-inch bit to add holes in the bottom for drainage. For a rustic touch, leave the pan outside until it gets a slight patina.

  • Miniature Victorian tea pots are popular items at


    Miniature Victorian-style teapots are popular items at variety stores. Plants with soft shapes, such as maidenhair fern, add to the pot's delicate beauty.

  • Countertop kitchen containers, especially cylindri

    Kitchen Storage Containers

    These look like flower pots, only funkier. Containers with ingredients like \"flour\" or \"sugar\" on them add personality. For a modern spin, pick containers of stainless steel or nickel.

  • Give your plants a Western spin with mini spittoon


    Give your plants a Western spin with mini spittoon planters. These work well planted with lemon button ferns or Boston ferns and grouped in odd numbers. For drainage, drill a hole in the bottom.

  • Tin watering cans are commonly found at dollar sto

    Watering Can

    A garden tool becomes a container garden with a little creativity. Don't forget to drill a hole added to the bottom for drainage.

  • Colanders, for plants? Why not?


    A colander makes a great planter because the drainage holes are already there. To keep soil from falling out of the holes, line the sides of the colander with peat moss.

  • Candy jars come in a wide variety of shapes and si

    Candy Jar

    Candy jars come in all shapes and sizes, so you can make any style planter. Choose urn-shaped jars for a formal look.

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