Types of Plants for Arches and Pergolas

Plant an arch, pergola, lattice or trellis with one of these 15 climbing vines.

  • Honeysuckle Arch Provides Fragrant Arbor View

    Honeysuckle Arch

    The fragrance of honeysuckle, particularly heady at dusk, encourages anyone passing through to pause a while to survey the view beyond.

  • Lilac Solanum is a Summer Delight

    Lilac Solanum

    Evergreen in mild areas, the fast-growing Solanum crispum ('Glasnevin') provides a lovely summer display of flowers.

  • Blooming Clematis Vine Forms Natural Archway

    Clematis Archway

    Clematis climb using tendrils that twine around posts, or other plants. Here the flowers have climbed above the arch to create a wonderful blanket of color.

  • Campsis, Trumpet Vine

    Trumpet Vine

    From late summer to autumn, the sun-loving deciduous climber Campsis x tagliabuana produces interesting orange-pink trumpet-shaped flowers.

  • Solid Pergola Supports Heavy Wisteria

    Heavyweight Wisteria

    A strong framework, such as that of this solidly built pergola, is needed to support the weight of the elegant, but vigorous, wisteria.

  • Heavenly Blue Morning Glory Good Choice for Arbor

    Morning Glory

    The twining annual Ipomoea tricolor 'Heavenly Blue' has a superb flower display from summer to autumn.

  • Golden Hops Creeping Vine

    Golden Hops

    A simple arbor is brightened and covered quickly by the fast-growing golden hops (Humulus lupulus 'Aureus').

  • Sparkling Purple Clematis Plant


    The large, wonderful, velvety purple flowers of this sun-loving clematis 'Jackmanii' appear in summer.

  • Full and Luscious Climbing Hydrangea's

    Climbing Hydrangea

    Although slow to establish, this shade-tolerant climber becomes vigorous. Its lace-like flower caps appear in summer.

  • Hearts of Gold

    Yellow Variegated Ivy

    Like all ivies, 'Goldheart' is shade tolerant. It adds a splash of color to the dullest corners.

  • White Wisteria is Vigorous Hanging Plant

    White Wisteria

    The lovely white Wisteria floribunda ('Alba') flowers in spring. Give it plenty of space, since the plant is extremely vigorous.

  • Scented Jasmine Produces Star Shaped Blooms


    The unmistakable scent of their starry flowers makes jasmine a popular choice, particularly for growing on pergolas over seating areas.

  • White Climbing Clematis Montana

    Clematis Montana

    Also known as grandiflora, Clematis montana is a very vigorous climber that produces an abundance of white flowers in spring.

  • Large Winter Clematis Seedheads

    Clematis Tangutica

    Fluffy seedheads follow the yellow autumn flowers of Clematis tangutica and provide a welcome extra dimension late in the season.

  • Vitis Coignetiae Grape Vine

    Vitis Coignetiae

    This vigorous grape is at its most striking in autumn, when the large heart-shaped leaves turn brilliant red.

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