Style Ideas for Arches and Pergolas

Include your personal flair in the design of your arch or pergola with these tips for choosing materials that fit your ultimate garden vision.

  • Rustic Arch

    Rustic Arch

    This rustic wooden arch over a meandering woodland path has an evocative charm, but such a structure may not last very long.

  • Mixed Materials of Wrought Iron and Brick on Arch

    Mixed Materials

    The flowers of Clematis 'Perle d'Azur' all but obscure the wrought iron arch supported by brick piers: a truly successful combination.

  • Iron Rose Arch Effective in Victorian Garden

    Iron Rose Arch

    Although iron is often an effective material for modern arches, here it has been worked to make a traditional Victorian-style rose arch.

  • Stout Squash Requires Sturdy Support

    Edible Attraction

    A simple tubular steel arch, plastic coated to prevent the steel from overheating and so protecting the plants, is all that is needed to show off this gourd to dramatic effect.

  • Stell Archway Frames Entry to Vegetable Garden

    Steel Archway

    The entrance to this vegetable garden is framed by a tall, stately steel archway, containing the view and leading you from one part of the garden to the other.

  • Colorful Garden and Classic White Archway

    Cottage Garden Archway

    The angled panels on either side of the square wooden arch make the structure resemble a bridge, reinforcing a sense of tradition.

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